[FINLAND] Persona 4 Ultimate in Otaniemi ARENA



Calling out all interested parties involved in Persona 4 Arena action! In an effort to build the scene in Finland, a bunch of us are planning to have a monthly gathering in Espoo’s Otaniemi neighbourhood.

If you are interested in the game, why not join us? Our first gathering will be held in the beginning of september (Date TBA) and after that we’ll settle on a fixed date. Also, the exact venue will also be decided depending on the amount of attendees. To vote on a date, fill out our doodle: http://doodle.com/hcgpvynfx7kpmza2

We’ll be having casuals and maybe starting some ranbat action too. As this is just an introductory gathering, we won’t be streaming. When we start to getting some competition going on, there will be streams and maybe regular tournaments. We welcome the BYOC mentality!

If you don’t speak Finnish, fear not. Most of us finns speak English quite well, so you won’t have any trouble getting along with us.

We’re also on IRC! #p4u.fi on IrcNet is currently filled with enthustiastic players, feel free to join us!