Fiona Fox/Mortal Kombat's Jade


It’s a cross between Fiona Fox from the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics and Mortal Kombat’s Jade. So far the only reall critism (besides mixing Sonic and MK being a bad idea) is that the staff is the wrong colour and too thick.

I think I should just stop using MSPaint for colours and either keep it black and white or use coloured pencils…


I think you should keep using ms paint. Colored pencils are good, but to me they are just out of style like girbaud jeans. Good stuff though.


Girbaud? Must be out of style, I’ve never heard of them! XD

I can do some good work with coloured pencils. And I’m also working on a shaded version of Fiona, but it’s very simple.


i agree, stay away from colored pencils. they take TONS of skill to make look good.

looks pretty good, but i’m not sure i like the pose, it seems like she’s doing chinups on that staff instead of floating through the air.


Ah, that would be the scanner’s fault. The staff is supposed to be pointing doward, as though she’s about to turn and attack someone, but the stupid thing screwed up the angle of the whole picture…

And I’ve got skill… I think. I mean, it’s better than markers XD


Yeah, if the angle of the scan was diffrent, it wouldn’t look like she was doing chin ups.

Good shit though.


markers look way better than colored pencils in my opinion.


Meh, not the markers I use. Tho I probably should stick with black and white. If I’m going to be a manga artist, I’m gonna have to get used to it…