Fire at University Pinball (Philadelphia, PA)

Sources: The Daily Pennsylvanian
Myself when I went to go to the arcade from NJ and found it closed

So does anyone from around PA know anything about what happened further? When the place will be open again?

This really sucks, it’s such a great arcade, especially for fighters.



also check the philly topic in matchmaking
no confirmed time on a reopening just spectulation at this point.

EDIT forgot all about this

I really hope everyone made it out alright

That Arcade is going to be down for a minute. I heard one of the guys (Sam) said it might take til around xmas time until they are back in business.


I finally get a schedule that lets me go on the regular next quarter, and that ish happens. :sad:

Glad everyone was/is okay.

Isn’t arcade fire the name of a band?

Yeap. Here is one of their awesome songs, to an even more awesome video.


I was driving by that part of town the other day, and didn’t know about about the fire until searching for the arcade’s website (by the way, does Uni. Pinball have a website anymore?). The traffic around South St. is a bitch as it is now (they tore down the 30th St. bridge for a renovation project that’ll take several years to complete), and learning that the arcade was closed made the entire trip feel like a total waste. :lame:

Should probably get in contact with the brand Arcade Fire to sponsor the new arcade.

i went by there today the cleanup is still going on and theres still no roof ober half of the building so theres still a longs ways to go before that place can be reopened. and i never actually saw the damage to the basement, but it has to be crazy.


Does anyone know the status of this place? I am going to Philly for Christmas and I’d love to check this place out.

I tried to contact one of the workers there, but was unsuccessful. I have other friends there that will inform me of what’s going on. As soon as I have some further info, I’ll post it.

Last I heard, it’s still down… :sad:

Opening again early next year, from what I’ve heard.

I just went down there yesterday. The place is still not open.

sees post date

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Damn dude, how early did you think he meant?

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Just noticed that.

I was in the area & figured I might run into the owner. I’ve known him for years. Figured I could get some firsthand info on when the place would re-open. So such luck…

Earlier today I saw the pinball arcade the construction panels have been removed and it looks nice I am going to check it out later today and give an update on it :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll post it up in a few hours

I think there they are trying to get it open as soon as this week. I just got in there for the first time in a long time a few days ago. Most of the changes didn’t really effect the fighting games because they were in the only section of the building not totally trashed by the fire.
They redid the ticket section and the pool tables are GONE. I totally didn’t expect that one.