Fire Emblem Gaiden

Thanks Bowling Pin for finally getting this done. :slight_smile:

Anyway, what I’ll be doing here is posting non-street fighter related stories of the Fire Emblem series. I’m known to like the game(s) a lot by lots of other people here so I’ll be writing short (or long ^_^) gaidens of events in the series. How was Lute trained? What happened to Lyn after 7? It’s all here.

Remember, it’s not real! Just fun! I’ll start after school today.


You’d BETTER do something with Lyn.

Almost done with FE7 on normal. =:)

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Gaiden #1: Renault Conceptualizes

“What is my past?”
“So much has been made about who and what I am.”
“The truth is - I am nothing. I am what you see, I cannot fathom a purpose in my life because I do not have a purpose to begin with.”
“I am still trying to figure out what it means, because I remain unsure at this point of time.”
“For years, I have accepted my life as some giant astronomical void.”
“I’ve had encounters and reactions to my past everytime I saw a morph.”
“Nergal’s Morphs.”
“But all that would come to my attention is the smell of death.”
“Which is natural for where I usually lay dormant.”
“But everywhere I go now I sense - guilt, remorse, regret.”
“Could the past be haunting me yet again?”
“Nergal wouldn’t of guessed it, his mind was clouded with power and angst.”
“I know, because we worked on Kishuna - a failed experiment.”
“It would seem that now the morphs possess the potiential to kill.”
“Something I had already accomplished in my life.”
“Yes, I have killed someone.”
“St. Elimine probably has showed me the light and way-”
“But it doesn’t change the fact that I am a fraud.”
“And useless, per say.”
“I felt like the Kishuna I helped bring into this world…”
“How would I know how and where to make a magic seal?”
“Did Nergal teach me? Or am I actually one of his failed experiments!!??”
“Maybe the smell of death is coming from me, and not just around me.”
“I am probably morph, but it wouldn’t make sense if I could use magic as one the Nergal’s first morphs ever.”
“Kishuna never had that kind of power, at least I know of…”
“Maybe my time with Nergal was for not.”
“I was used by this man, as all of his other morphs.”
“The thought of me being an average person or a morph confuses me…”
“It certainly is a mystery…but that’s basically my entire life’s work.”
“I’ve had enough time to think about it, all I can do is sit here-”
“And think, just think.”
“When the time comes, I shall be summoned for a bigger purpose.”
“I am not sure what that would be-”
“But here I am.”
“Waiting for a purpose…”

Hector rapes Lyn in the duel they had to have in FE 7 plse.

…that went well.

^Hahaha, still trying to wrap my brain around Lyn/FE6.