Fire Emblem thread: Now with more permadeath!


Heyo folks, I dunno how many around these parts are into this niche series but I figured I’d fish for some replies at any rate. This is one of my favorite non-fighting game series mainly because of how challenging it is. Pussies with res spells need not apply here.

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Love the series…just have an issue with completing any of them because I don’t want to leave any of my characters behind. Trying to complete those games without having anyone die is hard. Actually still waiting to see if they’re going to bring the new one that released in Japan over here or not.

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Only time I’ll ever proceed with a level if someone dies is if it’s endgame and I’m like two turns away from winning, at that point I decide to just plow ahead and finish.


Games are great. Tile based strategy/rpg games are a niche favorite of mine. Haven’t played a fire emblem in forever though

Probably a 3DS port for the new Japanese one, that’d be cool.

I also had trouble leaving people, unless I really, really hated them. Most people have their uses though so it was a tough call.


There’s gonna be Fire Emblem for the 3DS? Oh shit.

I love the series, I think my favorites are all the GBA ones. Fire Emblem isn’t that hard as people make it out to be, well 6 was. I think 4 and 5 were a bitch also.


Radiant Dawn was balls hard, but FE 7-9 wasn’t too bad.


I’ve only completed 1. I’m playing through Shadow Dragon off and on right now. Refuse to let characters die though, so I’m to arena abuse. Unfortunately I keep getting quite away into leveling up my army and then Sedegar willj die in the arena or something and I have to start all over again.

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So finally Nintendo’s getting back into bringing back more of their franchises. Brought back Kirby and DK last year and I wish this wasn’t 3DS because it seems like everything good from Nintendo is coming out for the 3DS.


What all must haves are coming to 3DS?

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Wait, they moved New Mystery of the Emblem to 3DS? Did I miss something?


Motivate me to play through Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. Other than 3-13 Archer.

I’ve only played through 7 and Sacred Stones.


Whoa whoa…nobody said anything about them the new Fire Emblem actually getting moved to the 3DS. AYO was just speculating. I haven’t heard anything on it so far myself.


No, I made a comment that they should bring the latest title to 3DS and it spiraled out of control.

@ Sonichuman: You got my back bro lol, I think it’d be a fantastic move but that is up to Nintendo and if they think Fire Emblem can still sell in America.

A new Advance Wars and Fire Emblem would definitely get me to buy a 3DS.


Oh, I see. Never mind then. I was wondering because I keep my ear to the ground concerning this series.

So, to get some actual discussion started, who’s your favorite character(s)? I have always been a huge Mia fanboy.


Easy, Marth. I know it’s stereotypical but I really liked him and his story, and also beasted in dat Smash with him. I know that was the seventh game in the series (First for us) and that it was made to establish new players with the system but it was enjoyable.

Also WTF Fire Emblem for Wii? I must obtain this for my newly acquired system.


You didn’t know there was a Fire Emblem game for the Wii?

Marth was about as interesting as a cinderblock to me playing through his game on the DS. The fact that it’s a remake of an NES game can account for some o this but it didn’t make it any less boring for me.


No, I haven’t kept up with the series since my GBA days. I guess I can get a good price for it now since it came out in '07 lol.

marth is a pimp Jiggles, don’t make me school you in Super again!


If by school you mean go something like 3-20 then sure.


Pft, you know I was rusty son, haven’t played since prior to MvC3 which itself fucks up your skill. Excuses are the spice of life, and I love my spices.

Related note, we should play soon. Despite telling you not to I picked up Hawk since I can do 360 shenanigans and dislike working for combos, also, we are the same race.


I’m in the middle of a bunch of real life shit right now, won’t have access to the Xbox for the next week or so, but sure.