Fire Emblem thread: Now with more permadeath!


I got no greens at all and when I did Merric popped up.

Now I gotta Orb grind. Dammit.

On a side note L’Arachel was demoted to 4 stars, which means you will now have to pray for Myrrh.


What do you guys think of this build?


Wo Dao+ with speed refined
Regnal Astra
Distant Counter
Speed Smoke
Quickened Pulse seal

She’ll be on a team with Dorcas who has infantry pulse, so her Regnal Astra is up turn one. My goal is to have her on my arena defense team to at least one shot one of the members of the other team. Does Wo Dao combine with wrath for a +20 boost once wrath is triggered? I was also thinking about putting a slaying edge on her instead of a Wo Dao. However I don’t have a slaying edge+.



Anyone who has a killer edge can upgrade to slaying I think.


Anyway here are your TT Bonus Units DAMMIT LILIAN

One of these couples is not like the other~


Pent and Louise tease?


Tier list I mostly use has been revamped to accommodate for the new update. Alot of units got moved around.

I’d say the biggest winner was Alm. Dude nukes Dragon Teams and just about everything else now.


A new TT has started, and we all know what that means; NEW SEALS!

2,000 4★ Eliwood (Love Abounds) 12,000 Threaten Atk Seal
20,000 Fortress Res Seal
25,000 Earth Blessing
30,000 5★ Eliwood (Love Abounds) 40,000 Armored Boots Seal

Armored Boots lets a unit move one extra space if they have full health. I’m gonna make a wild guess that only armors can have it.


I’ve only played shadow dragon, new mystery, and a little bit of Lyn’s game, but most of the battle themes used in Heroes are very boring to me. Are there better themes from other games that are not used? Like Lyn’s game’s battle theme sucks, and PoR’s battle theme in Heroes puts me to sleep.

The the new games not have good music or what? This is legit the only battle theme I enjoy in Heroes.

Battle themes can’t be dull and boring man…


Well the top four for the Hero Rises has hit the final round.


Vanguard Ike, Hector, ‘Normal Girl’ Tharja and Performing arts Azura

Go out and vote I guess.


New banner! Kinda Spoilery!


The fuckers. I knew they would do an armored dragon.
Also Evil Takumi will be a GHB.



New unit stats:


Robin is about to fuck the meta.


All three of them seem pretty good. I’m actually most worried about Celica with her chill speed. That alone can hurt some units such as Ayra. It is balanced somewhat by being a B skill but there are also seals to compensate for using it like quick riposte.


New Unit Skills:

[details=Spoiler]Hardin [Lance/Armored]


Iron lance - Steel Lance - Silver Lance - Gradivus

Retribution - Vengeance

Brazen Def/Res 1/2/3 [New]
If unit’s HP ≤ 80% at the start of combat, grants Def/Res+7 during combat.

Bold Fighter 1/2/3
No weapon refine, cannot inherit Gradivus

Robin(M)(Fallen Heroes) [Green Dragon/Armored]


Fire Breath - Fire Breath+ - Flametongue - Expiration (16Mt 1Rng) [New]
If attacked, unit can counterattack regardless of foe’s range. If foe’s Range = 2, damage calculated using the lower of foe’s Def or Res.


Glowing Ember - Ignis

Vengeful Fighter 1/2/3
Spur Def 1/2 - Ward Dragons [New]
Grants dragon allies within 2 spaces Def/Res+4 during combat.

No Weapon Refine, Cannot inherit Expiration

Celica (Fallen Heroes) [Sword/Infantry]


Iron Sword - Steel Sword - Silver Sword - Beloved Zofia (16Mt 1Rng)[New]
Grants Def+3. If unit’s HP = 100% at start of combat, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4, but if unit attacked, unit takes 4 damage after combat.


New Moon - Luna

Chill Spd 1/2/3 (60/120/240SP) [New] (Inheritable to everyone)
At the start of each turn, inflicts Spd-7 on foe on the enemy team with the highest Spd through its next action.

Hone Atk 1/2/3
No Weapon Refine, Cannot Inherit Beloved Zofia

Takumi [Bow/Infantry]


Iron Bow - Steel Bow - Silver Bow [3★] - Skadi [5★] (14Mt 2Rng) [New]
Effective against flying foes. Grants Spd+3. At the start of turn 3, foes within 3 columns centered on unit take 10 damage and bonuses on those foes become penalties through their next actions.


Retribution - Vengeance [4★]

Fury 1/2/3[4★]
Spd Smoke 1/2[4★]/3[5★]
No weapon refine, cannot inherit Skadi[/details]

Fuck Takumi.


Semi tempted to roll for Celica but she’s yet another fucking sword infantry.

Like I’m fucking drowning in welfare sword infantries from Tempest Trials already without even counting what I’ve pulled so it kind of feels like a waste of orbs to go after another.


Speaking of sword units, Ike won the vote.


I guess we like Ike.


Well it looks like Ike or barely dressed Tharja nearly won the day.


Was actually hoping Tharja would win just so I could fodder her.


Not surprising about Ike. New and he’s a legendary unit. I was kind of hoping hector won for that free DC fodder.

I suppose I won’t have to try to pull a crazy celica anymore. Need hardin for bold fighter fodder cuz I missed out on winter lissa.


good bit through Valentia… meh. Not really into the dungeon crawling and point and click sections at all.


New GHB featuring a knocked-over pineapple is up.

Good luck, because it’s actually tough.