Fire Pro Returns

I’ve searched and searched but because the search function won’t use the word “pro” (says it’s too short) I’ve just decided to make a thread. If anyone knows of another thread link me to it and I’ll pm a mod to delete this one. Does anyone here even play this or appreciate it? I just randomly picked up a copy the other day and I’m getting endless enjoyment out of it. Also, if any of you are on could you hook me up with a way to register? Registration seems to be closed on their forums. Thanks!

note: I understand that this MAY not fall under the category of fighting games but it’s close enough.

I made a Hugo edit, and tuned it (cpu) for 3 weeks straight plus countless others. Greatest one player game with endless replay value.

Didn’t know FPC limited registration.

I picked up alot of PS2 games during Spring Break and this was one of them I got at Best Buy for $10. I gave it a go in the beginning and I had no clue how to do a good timed grapple, tried it for another while but didn’t have any luck. It’s my first FP so I’m going to need to give it a good while once I get the time.

I know it’s suppose to be really good.


FPR along with KoC2 is one of the best wrestling games ever made. Gotta love it.

Some of the edits are insane too. Starman and The Amazon ftw.

I remember making a giant bear in Fire Pro Wrestling Returns and putting him against Victory Musashi. Great fun :stuck_out_tongue: If you can find this game buy it its just a great Wrestling game. I’ve spent great hours playing this game and creating custom characters. Plus its 15 bucks on ebay! :smiley:

i have trouble with cpu editing, shits annoying i have to make the character notdo their finisher in 2 sceonds when the match starts. but yea it is fun to kill time

Great to see some fellow Fire Pro fans here on SRK.

And if you’re having trouble with one particular part of the game (ex: CPU Logic), you may want to refer to one of the 40+ guides I’ve written for the series over at GameFAQs. Also, here’s a direct link to my Fire Pro Returns Complete Guide (based on the import version, but you get the idea):

Just be warned, it’s a rather big download (over 3 MB).

Bill, are you part of FBC’s forums by any chance? I’m really trying to find a way to register…

Oh, and thanks for the guide. It’s extremely helpful. Answered everything I need to know about FPW:R! I’ll definitely keep it around as a reference.

Yes I am, although I no longer actively post there. I don’t know what the current situation is with FPC, but I do know people have had problems as of late registering new accounts.

I post regularly at, which has a much smaller userbase made up mostly of older players, guys like myself who have been playing the series for well over a decade.

whoa thanks for your link, haha another game besides marvel that takes up mad time :slight_smile:

I remember when this first came out. The wrestling thread was so pumped for this.
and zulu would give us daily updates on his CAW’s he made.

I still my copy some where. I played it for a bit and couldn’t get in the swings of it so I said fuck it. I could see why people would be so crazy about this game though. It’s amazing. I just suck at it. :frowning:

Oh, and here’s the direct link to all the Fire Pro text guides on my site, just in case you hate GameFAQs or something:

All guides are 100% complete except for the FPR Bret Hart guide, which I never got around to finishing.

Well StuartHayden what are you struggling with? Is it the grappling system (this is one of the greatest treasures video games have to offer)

everything. But I don’t care to learn the game anymore.

Making bears is AWESOME, case and point my personal ref, Senor Bear

Great guide! It really cleared up some basic issues that I was having. Also, are you a member of FPC? I’d really like to find a way to join up so I can get some saves and try to add my own contributions. I appreciate it!

I am a member at FPC, but I’m no longer an active member. It’s a long, stupid story that I’d rather not get into.

FPC is THE place for downloadable saves, and I’m sure registration will reopen soon. Unfortunately that’s the best advice I can give you at the moment.

Do you think you could download a specific save for me? I’d seriously owe you one… I’m dying to have that. Also, can you use the psp to ps2 (ulaunchelf) method of transferring saves?

Thats awesome dude, my bear was called FREAKING BEAR and it was a black kodiak.

Sure I can get that for you. Shoot me a PM with your email address and I’ll send it over. Just don’t ask me specific questions about how to use these saves, I don’t use them myself and have no idea how it’s done, other than you need an Action Replay MAX or similar device.