Fireball Trailers and Neutral Jumpers


  1. How do I deal with characters who throw a slow fireball and walk behind it? I am referring to Guile, Chun-li, and Dee-Jay, but the shotos can pose a similar problem when controlled by a good player. I suppose there is a way to take advantage of the charge characters who are blatantly walking forward, but I don’t know how.
  2. What is the best way to stuff neutral jumps? Lariat doesn’t work, and Cr. mp is too slow against quick jumpers like Adon and Vega. MP headbutt is an option, but only if I know for sure the neutral jump is coming (because Zangief gets off the ground too slowly).
    More questions to come. Thanks guys.


Coupling. Confirm slow fireball. Walk forward as much as you can, to make up for lost ground. When you get close to the fireball, you have to guess right on their pressure. I call it coupling, because they are pairing their slow projectile with another attack as pressure. Know what they commonly pair with. Eg. Guile, LP Sonic Boom & Far HP (back fist) or LP Sonic Boom & MK Trip or LP Sonic Boom & F+MP (Overhead). Then you have to make a guess between block, EXGH, PPP Lariat, EX SPD - options that deal with BOTH the projectile and the pressure. If they go low, I believe you can neutral jump the projectile and the low, possibly land an attack or land into LP SPD. If they don’t pair well, and leave a gap, you can LP SPD or EX SPD in between after blocking the projectile. Even a well timed FA to absorb the projectile and release before their pressure hits you, can work. I also recommend you never jump to avoid pressure, because that’s playing right into their hands.

Define best? I’m thinking HP Head Butt or U2. Most consistent has to be crouching Lariat. You have to factor in your opponent, especially the range of their neutral jumping attacks (Hello Chun Li), and your spacing. Where were you when they neutral jumped? Were you out for a jog? Or did you just bump shopping trolleys moments ago?

Here’s some options but depend on spacing and setup (eg. off of SPD-LPGH or EXGH etc)

  • U2, Head Butt, Anti-air Lariat, Far HK, Far MP, Walk forward and LP SPD as they land. Walk forward-whiff further land LP SPD as they land.


Thank you for your response. As for the neutral jump spacing, I am talking about point-blank range. Sometimes they move in after a knockdown and just jump with their best neutral move until I stop them. However, people who jump often, but judiciously, are the worst. I guess this is more of a tactical issue than trying to pick the perfect move (because Zangief doesn’t have the perfect move for this situation).


There’s nothing wrong with just blocking and I’m not trying to sound like a dick. Blocking is your best friend with Gief.