Fireball war with Juri



I’m a mid level Juri and i’m having some problems in fireball wars.
I know that her dive kick is awesome to punish fireballs but I need somes tips like:
Focus dash some fireballs?
Lots of neutral jumps+buffer divekick?
Try to build meter faster than the oponnent?
Do you know some common habits that Shotos players have throwing fireballs?
whats my best option in that case?
Should I use counter on fireballs?



There is no right or wrong in these cases. Depends completely on the opponent, flow of battle, ultra choice, fireball tendencies, etc.

It honestly depends on your goal.


most fireballs are usually punishable by dive kicks but guiles (unless he EXs it), i honestly like counter when its a person who spams fireballs constantly(if its conservative i like to just focus each fireball and get closer to start throwing in pokes), if they are conservative on throwing fireballs i try to jump over and just dive kick thru to punish, only problem im seeing it going against guile’s, gouken’s, and even juri’s upper fireballs.


Dive kick punishes are easily trained. But what do you want at the time? Build meter? Win the fireball war? Get in? Mix up?

Again. You have to make a goal. I played against a guile where my goal was build ultra … Get in… Win.

I kicke sonic booms from far and stored low. Throw mid dash throw low. (this beats his next sonic boom). I absorbed 2 but then counter backwards the 3rd. I get back and don’t lose health. When I wanted to get on I counter behind him and got the kd.

Yet ryu I’ll dive kick the fireball everytime. Just my goals you know?


ahh it makes sense, and i never thought of that way on playing guiles for fireballs, only part im scared of is that bulletfast ex fireball


Expect it. There’s a flow to fireballs. You’ll learn it.

Truth be told… Once guiles start walking forward after the fireballs I got nothing. If a guile is fine with just zoning I’m fine. Once he chases a fireball I’m dead.


What everyone else has said. I also try to use here teleport to play mind games and build meter.


A tip i learned the hard way: Charge characters seem to recover from fireballs much faster than shotos. So dive kick punish isnt normally advised on guile, chun li’s light and medium fireball and i think deejay. It could also be just me you might wanna experiment on your own


I started to focus absorbing a lot of fireballs, Ultra 1 is awesome, this really discourages them to throw fireballs recklessly


You reactivated a necro thread…by god man!!! What have you done???


Sagat is tough. With practice you should be able to chip him away. In this war every little bit counts. Only dense Sagats will throw them willy-nilly. A smart player will show discretion on going in on fireballs, bait the jump in and tu you for your troubles.

Storing is important, but swapping is just as important. If 4 quick shots come at you and your goal is to kick them all then you have to know how to swap.

Patience is key in this matchup. His high shot mixed in with the alternating speeds of shots makes this fight a little harder. The dive kick is a little less of an option.


unless you fight sanford =\


Sanford is a beast. He’s on a different level than you or me. I watched him come into my room final night of Nec and the level of play was actually awe inspiring. You should not feel upset losing to sanford.


if you lose to a stronger player, talk with them afterward and ask them what you did wrong. pay_fucking_attention to what they say, incorporate and level up.

that’s half the reason playing offline is so good, and if you’re not doing that, you’re not going anywhere fast.


Sanford sometimes can come off as a player that is really really smart but isn’t approachable.


can always kara-cancel a Focus attack into a taunt full screen to troll them, just be prepared to focus attack a quick follow up.[media=youtube]dQ9WNFY9l4E[/media]


Not true, Chun fb is kinda ass and can be punished fine


Holy shit I forgot this thread existed. Anyway that’s why I said “it could just be me”. Leaves room for other opinions :smiley:


While it’s true that it can be punished, “kinda ass” is quite an exaggeration. It’s no Sonic Boom, but it’s on par with eg Ryus Hadoken.


Common habits that good shoto players have is that when they shoot a fireball they kind of wait it out to see if you jump towards them so they can anti air you, but in these cases of fireball wars, patience is mostly the key to winning. A good tip to get these good shotos is to shoot out your low kick fireball while keeping up in the fireball war, bait out their jump to get the crouching fierce punch or crouching strong punch, from there, you can get in by dashing up to them or simply walking to them if your comfortable.