Fireballs Ain't Working.....What Now?

So yeah, been trying to learn akuma lately. When people can’t handle fireballs, I notice things go quite well. But when they know how to deal with fireballs properly, I may as well set down my controller and go out for a smoke, cuz my offence is ASS.

Any good advice? I main Bison, so I am not even remotely good with properly jumping in on an enemy, or setting up proper offence.

Any advice???

hmmmmm well u could first go about srking all jump ins cause thats free damage at least c.fierce that ish. thennnn if they get past ur barrage of plasma and flaming upward spiral of no return you should learn to block the right way. as in cross ups, high lows, grabs, so u dont get hit. then learn what punishes what and that comes with experience after thattttt then i would suggest figuring out what u do best. are u a rushing maniac? are u ok with chillin on the other side of the screen? r u ok with a little bit of both? then ull feel right at home cause the character is how u wanna play not how momochi plays, or daigo plays, or tokido or mago its you! hope that helps a bit? i see ur on xbox u can add me i can help u with some stuff if u like.

You could practice your offense.

or you could practice with Ryu, he’s got fewer options with FB than Akuma has, and if you come from a charge-main to a shoto with no basic knowledge, I would recommend another shoto first. At least when you can’t get a grasp on utilizing FB, cause Akuma’s options will just confuse you in the beginning.

Also, if FB doens’t work in a match, you might wanna try something else. I would say not even 50% of Akuma’s offence is FBing, compared to Ryu where it’s somewhere above 50%, even though Akuma has a deeper FB-game. If you do all Akuma’s FB just because he can, you’ll surely be shut down quick.

Learn Akuma’s vortex, its where most of the offense comes when the fireballs arent working as you said. Learn the cross up tatsu, timing on the air grab, angle on which the demon flip kick beats srk, and most of his links. Of course the main thing when you cant just space with fireballs is footsies, make use of Akuma’s sweep at max range and try not to rely on your s. HK as it can get you punished against a lot of the characters, hope it helps.