Fireballs, Dragon Punches, General Footsies (But Mostly Fireballs)

This literally took me 2 years to figure out, though I did have some breaks along the way. I will simplify throwing fireballs for everybody here, along with anti-airing and everything else you need to know. This stuff is pure fundamentals. You only understand how important crouching medium kick into hadoken is when you’ve learned all these things hehe.

Most Ryu players are not playing Ryu properly. By this, I refer to how terrible some of us are at throwing fireballs. Ever notice why you can’t dragon punch even though you inputted it? It’s because you’re still in your recovery frames after throwing that lousy fireball. One bad habit people have is to immediately throw one after landing a crouching medium kick into fireball at its peak. DO NOT DO THIS - YOU WILL BE PUNISHED. Instead, having established that range, utilize:

  1. Footsies 101 (Moving Back and Forth ever so slightly while reacting immediately to any incoming pokes your opponent may use via blocking)
  2. Walk Forward and CMK xx Hadoken Them Again
  3. Space yourself according and throw a hadoken (beats out other normals - loses to normals with good range since they startup years faster).

By playing a lot, you’ll establish that ideal mid/far range where you can throw a fireball and anti-air still. Be sure to only throw one at a time. Consecutive fireballs are only throw if the opponent is continuously moving forward and appears to want to get in - This’ll be your chance to deal quite a bit of chip damage but note that you do have to know when to stop as they’d eventually Ultra you on reaction, jump over your fireball, etc.

In the slightly farther range, you can also throw a fireball, backdash and either:

  1. Anti Air if they jump in
  2. Throw another fireball if they block it (It’s safe - You can react with a dragon punch at this range!)

All these fireball tactics are utilized extremely well by none other than Daigo. Keep your eye out for them. Hope this helps you guys!

THANKS BRO! Anything that helps me regarding zoning in general is a big help, showing some respect because nobody else around here fucking does.

CHEERS, tdksparda