Firebrand raw tag combos?



I haven’t had much luck doing raw tag combos with Firebrand/Doom. I can do the mid/fullscreen kidnap > raw tag doom > otg into a combo.

How do I do the corner kidnap > raw tag doom where doom hits them on the way in? I’ve tried numerous times, but I don’t know if there’s some trick or if it’s character specific or what.

Also there’s a combo where Firebrand does QCB M (I think) and then S? Then he has enough time to raw tag into Doom and do an OTG combo.

Sorry my memory is a bit fuzzy about these combos, hope someone knows what I’m talking about and can help me out here, thanks for your time.


It is character specific and you have to do a crouching L into hard kick. And if your talking about the combo that I’m thinking of then you do j.M into qcb+L into j.S it only works in the corner with luminous body but Zak Bennett does it here…


Just in case others haven’t found out about it yet(and to add to it), I was asking apology man who would it work on. Off of a kidnap in the corner, Doom can raw tag in against. Zero, Dormmamu, Deadpool, Taskmaster and Super Skrull. But the thing is, if he has X-factor(even lvl 1) he can combo that way on a grand majority of the cast. BUT NOT EVERYONE.

But, on alot of THOSE characters that it wouldn’t work on, you can do a combo that swings them around to the other corner and bring in doom that way. the way i do that is off of a ground bounce(devils claw) cr.M cr.H bon voyage, and it brings him to the other side of the screen. it does less damage since you get less reps, but still more damage than firebrand can dish out solo.