Firefox 3.0.12... glitchy! How do I go back to the older one?

How do I go back to the older version of Firefox. This one glitches every couple of minutes and has to restart. Im a bit of a newb and have never really went to go back to a previous version of a program. Do I just get rid of it and then download the older 2.0 versions of Firefox. Is this version of Firefox (3.0.12.) glitchy for anyone else?

3.5 is out. Remove your profile and do a clean install.

You know, i’m probable gonna get some WTF looks from a lot of people but IE 8 is not bad at all. As a matter of fact, as of lately Firefox is becoming as vulnerable if not more than IE.

Also Firefox is a huge memory hog compared to most browsers, the only reason i’m still sticking to FF is because of the plugs in and the extensions.

yeah I’m starting to really loathe firefox. Memory hog and random hangs that I have to ctr+alt+dlt on. The only thing that is still good about firefox is that it still is one of the faster browsers out there. Thats seriously the only reason I still use it. If google chrome wasnt so slow I would be using that instead.

you could try here (if your really insistant on getting the older one) i used it for ie 6

btw: i hated 3.0 , 3.5 is excellent

For IE8, if you use tabs a lot like I do, it’s actually very slow about it. Other than that, I don’t have much problems with IE. I like Opera 10 though.

I still really like Firefox, but I use it on a Linux machine so that may be why I don’t have crashes. Chrome (Chromium on Linux) is also very good. It’s nice and fast, but feels a bit light when compared to Firefox’s customization options.

I miss FF2 for one reason, I had a kick ass Mega Man 2 theme for it and it wasn’t updated for FF3.

Google Chrome is great :smiley:

But I still use FireFox for two reasons. NoScript and AdBlock.

2.0 was pretty much perfect…

I get problems with javascript on 3.5 at the moment.

All of the 3.0.XX versions gave me glitchy freezing problems. 3.0.12 seems about equal, unfortunately. Is it true that 3.5 forces a tab bar to be there? My monitor isn’t big so I like a browser that lets me keep the GUI as simple as possible.

I like IE8, I like the tabs. I like opening links with the middle scroll button. It makes surfing SRK cake…

Yeah, the tab bar is enabled by default in 3.5 even if you have one tab open.

yeah but you can deactivate it.