Firefox 3 doesn't save my login preferences

Yeah, so the thread title explains it all. I’m not sure what’s the matter.

I think it might have something to do with a problem of keeping cookies?

Would a reinstall work? If you recommend a reinstall, how would I go about saving my preferences/bookmarks/addons?

Tech Talk.

This…is Tech Talk. Did I post it somewhere else? O_O

Holy shit, my bad. I’m tired. I was reading the hdtv thread and then saw your’s and I was like “Why is this in GD?” lol my bad.

No probs.

Anyway, for anyone that can help:

I’ve tried the whole deleting cookies thing and going into profiles and deleting the cookie stuff there.

I’ve also tried the whole clearing private data thing. Same deal, doesn’t stick.

Also tried an addon, Cookie Culler, and “protecting” the relevant cookies, and still no go.

I guess I should reinstall Firefox, but as I said earlier, I’m not sure how to backup my preferences and all that.

Did you try going to Tools > Options… > Privacy > (under Cookies) Show Exceptions and clearing all of those? It could also be a permission issue, at which point reinstalling Firefox might be better.

I had the same problem before. You need to delete cookies.sqlite & cookies.txt from your profiles directory. (Usually c:\documents & settings\username\application data\mozilla\firefox\profiles)

Both haven’t worked. :sad:

i had this problem at first, but one of the patches sorta fixed it. Now I only stay logged into some sites for about a week. Its very annoying.

Okay, I think I fixed it with an uninstall and reinstall, with backing up of extensions and bookmarks and passwords and all that.

I used this guide to give me an idea of how to backup:

I then chose this program to use for backing up my Firefox profile (Windows only):

Hope this helps.