Firefox using 200 MB of RAM o_O

OK this is just plain weird, I run Windows Vista and for the past week Firefox has been acting strange. For one, when I right click on a link the drop down list VERY SLOWLY appears. Furthermore, when I’m on some sites and it has GIF images, the images would pause if I’m not typing or moving the mouse.
To top it off Firefox slows down sometimes when I’m using it.
aNYONE know what the deal is here? I’ll prob. switch to Opera if this keeps on occurring @_@
EDIT: I am using ver. 3.5.4

This same thing happened to me. I thought I might’ve had something shitty on my comp, so I did a system restore. I was fine for like the first 2 days then started acting up again.

No idea what it is.

Firefox IS a well known memory hog. But 200MB? That would be a big problem if you had only 512MB of ram, but thats nothing for most modern boxes (2GB seems to be minimum).

Use Chrome, problem solved.

I had that same problem of having to keep the mouse in motion to see .gif move.

Hmm doesn’t Chrome send some private browsing data back to Google or some such?

google monitors everything lol.

Yes not including the carpet bombing flaw that still isn’t even fixed even though they have stated it has been, Also they keep googleupdate running in your background sending out anonymous information from various places from your computer, So if you’re watching porn google knows about it.

Don’t use googlechrome ever, Worst suggestion in history.
Firefox isn’t a known memory-hog, It’s never done that to me.
Some people are known to have issues which has been addressed by firefox here

cammy-white thanks for that info.

Google’s Chrome has the fastest JS engine (currently), isn’t a memory hog and supports so many extensions.

Your fear of Google is unfounded: you have been tracked by Google for YEARS! Even if you have never used their search engine, you’ve hit a site that has embedded Google tracking.

Firefox IS a memory hog and many users report this. The main culprit are the extensions, which you should consider disabling to determine which is the bad one. Even at 200MB of ram, it’s still TINY compared to the rest of your system (or it should be).

No because it doesn’t log my offline data usage or the sites i connect to it just logs the search but thanks for trying to justify googles stupidity. Also no it doesn’t they test google vs firefox on a good pc, I tested them both on low-end machines and firefox was faster by 0.23ms, Ive extensively tested both browsers, Firefox is by far safer, Easier and runs better on low-end Machines

If you’re scared about Google logging your usage, you’re insane – Google already collects so much data on you. The only way to avoid it is to get off the internet, period. Google also doesn’t collect offline data, but nice try on the FUD.

Google Chrome is much faster than Firefox3. If you believe otherwise, send me a benchmark proving it. Chrome has the one of the FASTEST javascript engines and only with FF4 will Firefox have something comparable.

If you want to talk security, you’re also barking up the wrong tree. Chrome has fewer holes (check than Firefox, if you have any doubt.

TL;DR: Chrome is faster than Firefox and is more secure than Firefox. If you have benchmarks to prove otherwise, please post.

EDIT: Benchmarks

EDIT2: Links about tracking information

If you have a concern about their tracking information or how they collect data, you can checkout the source yourself, strip the offending lines of code and build the project yourself.

Uhm, Google Search, doesn’t track things like UTORRENT, But googleupdate anonymously does and sends data to google, Ive tested it using python it’s sending out random statistics and information about your computer, If you aren’t scared by that you’re a mindless idiot.

my only issues with chrome are that it acts weird on some sites i frequent, and i hate the way it handles current page keyword searches (i like FF’s find bar on bottom the best). otherwise, it’s speed is awesome.

Yeah use Chrome so you can have 10,000,000 processes running. I know it’s for stability…but jesus.

Chrome run fast for me

Farmville runs slow on Firefox/Flock

Firefox 4.04 beta does that as well.

If you have the latest FF, the load is now split between FF and a plugins container program. Much like chrome, FF now supports its plugins by their own process. Between the 2, if you watch youtube or a stream, it runs 300mb. Anything java/flash will cause a heavy load. My parents play them facebook crap games and I’ve seen their chrome and FF running 600mb. Its all dependent on what you are doing.

Upgrade your RAM. A gigabyte should be the bare minimum.

No seriously…

Alright anyway older firefox can be quite the memory hog if I just leave it open for a week straight without closing it down completely. i’m running 182MB right now with 3 tabs and a handful of ‘heavy’ addons and including the plugincontainer.exe. Seems normal to me anyway.

Disable cache. Awesomebar and overall organic features drain a lot of memory.

about:config > disable cache.disk and cache.memory.

However, on average, Firefox uses about 120~MB of RAM. If you can’t support that footprint, you’re not going to be able to do much else.