Firefox using 200 MB of RAM o_O

This is with 3 windows open, Firefox 4 beta. I honestly can’t remember a time when firefox wasn’t bloated. What the fuck do I care though? I’ve got 8gb of RAM.
I’ll gladly switch over to Chrom(e/ium) once they sort their shit out with page blocking, which is the only thing holding their adblock back compared to firefox’s.

Cammy-White: Only Chrome’s update functionality will send something about your computer. Google is very up front about that information and you can disable it.

Besides, you can grab a lot if information on someone’s computer just via Javascript. already does it for the frequent sites you visit, along with every other ad serving engine.

My laptop is 3 GB ^_^;

@cammy-white- Thanks for the info I’ll read up on it and see what I can change

33 tabs and counting.

Seems normal to me lol I have more then enough Ram for this not to be an issue at all tho.

Only when im ‘‘on’’ that site when i leave that site its no longer logging also it logs what im doing online thats called spider research to give me adds relevant to my search and content im viewing, i seriously am starting to think you’re a moron and missing my point they aren’t monitoring what im doing offline like googleupd, also i have most ads ad-blocked and javascript is disabled with no-script but thank you for playing stop this pathetic argument because the more you type the stupid you are starting to look. Even when you disable ‘‘googleupdate’’ it will manually restart itself or it will continue to log in -hide there’s already huge discussions on this.

chrome doesn’t have ABP, so firefox > all