Firemarshallbill calls out the Midwest & Eastcoast

Firemarshallbill commenting on the Midwest fighting game players on GGPO (7/30/2009 at 1:34 PM)

Is this a challenge?

i say put your money where your mouth is

FT5 in classic ST
me and you at SB4 for $300

I’d page NKI and Floe to this thread, but firemarshallbill won’t come to an offline tourney anyway…

The entire midwest is trash? He would get toyed with and I haven’t even see em play. Just an online scrub.

dude is basically a nobody from FL who thinks he is a zangief prodigy or somethin.

i have no doubt ohio could handle him and his crew, indianapolis would easy, louisville would REALLY easy, STL, CHI, and ATL, im gonna stop there.

Man up, and accept that MM.

Id own him in SF4.

I’'m sure most of us would kick his ass, should be a game we’ve never played before while he’s had time with it, and we’d still win!


This is laughs.

Oh its like THAT DJ? This dude is free???

Tell this nigga to come to SB4. I’ll play him first for $20 ft5 to get him warmed up and open that wallet. I NEED I NEED I NEED CASH!