Firmware 2.70 bricking PS3s!

Non adapter related, but I’ve been going around gamefaqs and ps3 forums and I see people reporting that their PS3s were bricked as a result of this update. I think this is a faulty firmware to begin with and I think Sony should look into this.

Bricked PS3

Erased Saves

More Complaints

i updated with no probems

hey guys, do you know if it’s safer to update through the ps3 or by downloading the file online and installing with a usb drive?

Aside from “adaptor” issues, I’ve heard of 4 people in the last 2 days that have had PS3’s fail, and 3 of them were before I even knew there was an update… so I can believe something is up. Seems like a little too much to be a coincidence.

the only problem i had was the lag in resident evil 5 playing online with my friend

I don’t know in terms of safety, but in terms of speed, downloading it to your computer is faster than downloading it with the PS3.