First 3 People Get A Request

Yes, yes, only 3.

Request away!

i want something themed like my current av i want what the text says and in ghost letters ( im ean damn near invisible) i want the Name (joanna) got have the broken heart also other than that go nuts color wise bg wise anything as long as it has those specs oh yeah and have it kinda dark to

u have a nice ass av

…ok I need to get a new Av… my is getting way too damn old
Used it for like a year already:mad:

I’ll make a request…

I just want it to be like the one you had right now
But instead can you use a “bouncing” tits Mai? And with my name at the same corner?

**Note:**Make it as sexy as possible…:smiley:


EDIT: Oh, will you make the background blue as well? instead of black…

I want a splash page for my imaginary site.

K (to all of you).

Thanks Hadoken King

Still one spot open. (TG doesn’t count)

May i have a Yun Av please?

do you think you could make a Millia/Sent/Blanka avatar?

Sorry man, I said only 3, and iceman took the last spot.

Here you go hondaluva, let me know if you want any changes.

Hi Cam.

Hi Mr. Kee

its tight an all but would it be possible to make the little poem a little more visible or would that defeat the whole dark theme other than that it is pimp let me now mang


man thanx this kiks ass

Could you show me exactly which sprite you mean?

…Is hard to search for a good bouncing tits Mai picture, if its going to be just an black/white outline…

but these 2 should do it…
Is there any way to enlarge the bounce?? haha…

here is another…:cool:

I was just asking because the bounce wouldn’t show up very well if it were just an outline, and sorry, but i dont do sprite edits.

Here you go.