First annual Missouri Madness

Date- 15/16th of january



Tekken 5-$10
Super Turbo-$10
Puzzle Fighter-$5
Guilty Gear AC- $10

If enough interest either ssbm, gears of war 2on2, or alpha 2. Let me know which you would prefer

Tourny will be console!!! Arcade just isnt feasible here.
I can also house an insane number of people, im talking double digits.
The day before tourny, those who stay with me will get an amazing home made breakfast, my mother loves to cook for gamers and has many times. Im also in the suburbs with a 50 inch tv sooooo, its comfortable.

I have a venue.Though im looking and hoping i can find a cheaper place so there wont be a cover charge.

St. Louis has alot of great players, especialy in Guilty gear(aaron/aka), ST(nick/NKI), puzzle fighter(Ian), CvS2(allen and glen sun) Tekken(stl crew, includes slips/hatman/etc.) and we all play MVC2, just not the best.

Those who chief and went to MWC will rember me as the dank kid, so you know thats good, drunken games will also be run.

If your interested, need directions, more info on my home, etc. Just post up and ill be sure to answer. This is one of St. Louis’s first tournys and i am gonna try and make it big. For those who dont know…stl is located along the missisipi right by illinois. 5 or less ours from most places in the midwest.

And as i said before, address will be posted once i find a good deal on where to hold it, if not im just gonna have to eat the expense and take the convention center.

Can you replace Alpha 2 with Alpha 3, or at least have both?

a2 foreva!

errrr, two days?

Not that its a huge deal, but id imagine the turnout would be well enough to try and fit on one day,

Wow, massively advance notice! You’re going to have to remind me to look at this come Christmas time. :wgrin: