First Arcade Machine

So heres the story… I am pretty much the man at bartering… that being said I talked my way into a free cabinet. Now begins the problem… I know nada about arcade machines except I love playing them (and I would like to learn more about them) below our pictures of the insides… only thing I see wrong is the coin dispenser is trashed. Theres loose pieces everywhere… I am going to purchase a replacement pieces for the buttons, and stick. Also I would like to swap the PCB, but am unsure how to really :\ I would like to swap for a neo geo 150 in 1 card

I think I am just going to start simple… new stick buttons, marque. Than work my way for complicated

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I know some of you might be saying why take it if you know nothing? well hell free is free am I right?


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so thats basically the inside.

heres the exterior

Nice grab for free man. Post some better pictures of the outside

As long as it’s on a JAMMA harness, then swapping the Sony ZN-1 for a NeoGeo MVS should be a piece of cake.

Ok i added some exterior pictures to original post. On the outside this thing is perfect I would say…

Would this coin door fit?

2-Coin Entry Over/Under Upstacker Validator Door

also do i need this in order to convert the Neo geo 150 in 1?

Arcade PCBs - SNK Neo Geo - NeoGeo SNK 1-Slot Motherboard model M1BBV - JAMMABOARDS.COM - JAMMA Coin-Op Arcade Game Parts - NeoGeo SNK 1-Slot Motherboard model M1BBV

How did you talk your way into getting if for free? I’ve got to learn how to do that.

Oh man… if its one thing I can do is talk :wink:

Basically I bullshit a bunch of people thinking noone owned it and ran away with all 400LBs of glory lol

Ha! Was it just sitting around? I must learn.

Yeah man It was on a Navy base upstairs all alone… One night I had a dream to start an arcade. It hit me that this cabinet would be a good starting place… I thought maybe I could run off with it for 200$. Alas Free!

i did alot of legwork to figure out the whole background of this damn thing. Turns out an arcade owned it, contracted it out to Navy. Went out of business 5 years ago leaving it so noone owns it

Nice! The price was right for sure!
I love the roomy CP. Could use some TLC but definitely a keeper.
Nice catch. :tup:

Yeah I already bought some of the basics

Damn you’re lucky. I’ve always wanted to run my own arcade cab, and my answer for the “what would you do if you won the lottery?” question was always “Start a bad-ass arcade/comic shop.”

I will post it once I fix it up some more

What PCB was in there? Just get a 1-slot Neo MVS as it’s already JAMMA and you won’t have to rewire or anything.

Marvel Superheroes (joystick and CPO) Overlay with Street Fighter EX marquee (possibly board), in an OG Mortal Kombat Cabinet with an oversized 4 player Control panel that’s either midway or konami. Quite the frankensteinien cab, but cool nonetheless.

Need more exterior pics that are less blurry.

very nice. ex series brings back memories XP

From the pics, it was a Sony ZN-1 for SF EX.