First av try - anyone like/care

Yeah, this is my first avatar. Anyone like it, comments, etc?

that’s pretty cool for a firt try…i wish my first av would have come out that good!

I crap better avatar. Continue to wear your shame. You are as crap a poster as your avatar. Crap.

Oh and boxer your avatar isn’t bad. It isn’t good either. I’ve seen worse.

Thats good for a first go. A week ago, I was in your place. If you need some tips on photoshop, head on over to for some cool tricks.

Looks ok to me.

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I uh, changed it again, try to reflect more on my fav games.

Full K groove bar is alway better than empty one IMO :slight_smile:

oh and the other thing is the first 2 char from the left looks nice all gangsterish but raiden at the end kinda unbalances it.

Your right, I’ll think of a better guy to match it that I play with.

edit : yeah, I would have used the raged K bar, but I can’t find one. Wanna point me in the right direction?

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Oh god, get the fuck over it already. :rolleyes:

Anyway, with time and practice you’ll improve. Try to go for a more simple, clean looking av until you get the hang of placement and effects. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make with graphics is trying to jam too much shit in there at once. It just looks horrible :bluu:

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the background is like the most important thing in an av…sometimes, the background is really all u need





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Aww, cheer up muffin! No need to be upset!

IMO his background is good enough, since he has K groove and that sorta matches with teh char he lined up