First Avenger: Captain America movie


Well with the success of Iron Man it’s no surprise that a Cap movie is in the works.

Now there’s word that it will take place in WWII and tidbits about other movies as well:

Thumbs up, soldier!

I wish the would add his mvc2 double jump combo along with his sound effect :slight_smile:

I wonder who they will get to play Steve Rogers, and if they’re going to have a different actor to play pre-Serum Steve Rogers.

I want John Woo to direct the movie for the 100% chance of seeing Captain America’s MVC2 dove winpose at the end. :sad:

VICTORY! :cool:

He needs his theme music from MSH.

That shit is too good.

No dude, John Woo would end up casting Nicholas Cage as Captain America and the film would consist of simply Cage hamming it up in between overlong action scenes consisting solely of Cage diving into groups of Germans in slow motion while firing guns. Then he would give Captain America random Injun assistants that ride horses and do mystical powwows to make Captain America one with the earth after his mind is warped by the Super Soldier project. Then Cage will become one with his weapons and be able to throw his sunglasses out to randomly explode a bunker of Nazis. Also, the Red Skull would end up simply as John Travolta with face changing technology that ruins his face so that behind the illusion is simply an SS Death’s Head Officer wearing a skull mask spray-painted red.

A John Woo helmed Captain America would be a disaster.

Here is my idea for a Captain America movie:

The only things I would change are just make Steve Rogers a paratrooper in hte US Army or something who is captured by Nazis and experimented on. They give him the Super Soldier serum, he escapes with his newfound strength, and when he returns to the US Army, he is given a mission to seize said serum and the experimental results from the SS.

I just hope they don’t fuck with the costume design too much. I know seeing a red, white & blue, chainmail costume with wings on his head might not translate too well, but I don’t want them to go all X-Men / black leather suits on us either.

Feels like I’m wearing…nothing at all!

If he wasnt gonna be two-face in the dark knight, Id have liked to see Aaron Eckhart in the role.

BOOM! headshot at the end of the movie?

mmm… I wish this could be Civil War Captain America, but people want to hear “freedom isn’t free” and that’s where the money is :shake:

I’m calling skrull.

Wow. Anyway.

Some of you guys really really need to read. It’s already been decided that this is based off his origin of trying the perfect super soldier serum. So why even come up with an idea that goes against that cough Nazi experiment wtf cough

This should be the easier Marvel movie to make out of all the movies they have made so far. When was the last time we had a WWII film with a bit of fantasy thrown in for good measure?

And that’s good news on Thor. Taking place mostly in Asgard would really make it a Thor movie instead of Thor in Marvel Movieverse! I wish Marvel would have gotten in on the movie business a lot sooner.

wtf that doesnt even remotely sound like a john woo movie…even as an insult.

Dude all of John Woo’s english language movies other than Face Off sucked.

Since its set in WWII, I predict he’ll fall into the water and get frozen at the end, then they’ll thaw him out for the Avengers Movie.

No thanks.

You know I wouldn’t be surprised if say they went with the old school WWII Cap outfit and then in the Avengers movie decide to give him the revamped outfit that Bucky Captain America currently has.

it only makes sense to cast JCVD as america’s hero in blue spandex and doing acrobatic moves

did he not convincingly play guile? i can’t wait!!

:xeye: A guy I work with says that Paul Walker from Fast and the Furious might be cast as Captain America. Anyone here know if there’s any truth to this… dood?