First big mod, advice?

Let me preface this with the biggest “mod” I’ve ever done was art, joystick, and button swapping a SFXT VS stick then airbrushing the metal and stuff to be red. So I have no idea how hard this is going to be.

So what were (my father and I #bonding) are gonna try to do here is take my PS3 stick (Hori RAP3-SA) and make it PS3/PS4 compatible (and XB1 if possible, but that’s not required), then make it Korean style (because I’ve always preferred Korean cabs) and finish it off with some new snazzy art. I’ve never modded a “regular” stick to Korean so I don’t know what the differences are (button sizes, joystick mounts, etc.) or how to convert it.

also never worked with a pcb, but I’ve worked with regular pads before so i have a general idea. So here are my questions -

[] What pcb is recommended and where do I get it? (or should I just get a converter?)
] What do I need to make this pcb work? (wires, wire management, hell I don’t even know if I have to buy the rubber bits at the end of the wires.)
[] How hard is it to convert a Hori stick like mine to Korean?
] What are the best Korean parts to use/ what is the standard?
[] What do I need to convert my stick to Korean style?
] And last but not least, how long do you think this will take?

Thanks for your time and support! :smiley: I’ll be updating this thread with progress and pictures if anybody shows interest in a first time modder’s journey!

Here is the link to our Korean part thread

For PCBs you have you choices

I’ll make choosing your PCB very simple:

If you want XB1- brook universal fighting board.

If you dont want to solder- brook universal fighting board.

If you only need PS3/4- brook ps3/4 board (also less than 1/2 the price of the universal board)

If you only need PS3/4 AND no touchpad button- Hori Fighting commander 4 (also 10 bucks less than the brook ps3/4 board and wont ever be affected by a Playstation firmware update, although this is arguably a moot point since this is so rare and patched within 2 days of said update)

@Darksakul , Thank-you for the links. Really helpful for getting my parts picked out and knowing what’s compatible with what. As for wiring I’m looking around the tech talk threads and i see a lot but I’m still lost on what i need. Is it as easy as snipping a little bit of the cords already connected to the pcb and switching out the pcb and then reconnecting them to the correct points? if so this’ll be a breeze as I’ve done that kinda stuff before.

I think im gonna go for the brook since im new and it seems like a simpler place to start. i see on PA shop, and it caught my eye pretty quick. is the process much easier with this accessory on the pcb? or would it be a waste of money?

It makes the process solderless. I wouldn’t say significantly easier but it just saves you the trouble from using a Soldering Iron + Solder (with some rosin paste flux).

But at the end of the day a good solder job > screw ins

I’d say soldering can be complicating but once you it get it down, fairly easy. Wiring is probably the tricky part (The amount of length you cut, if you want it to be color specific, if you want it to look neat e.g: techflex, zipties, etc)

As for making a Stick Korean Style, would probably be the easiest part of your mod as you would mostly need to swap out the joystick and buttons.

Artwork can be a mix (Because the print itself has to be designed and some designs on the forums are pretty bad) But printing and cutting isn’t too difficult.

Indi I would say you should probably go with the one with the breakout board already attached, its only 10 bucks more. I totally forgot about that when I laid out your options

@DonkeyBlonkey , Dont korean buttons have different dimensions though? i thought id need a custom top panel to fit the buttons since my stick is fit for sanwas.

As for art im going to try to collaborate with hibachi if hes up for it. i cant draw for shit but im going to school for graphic design, so if he draws me the characters i can do the rest.

Sounds good since i just got a call from my brother that he fucked up my iron.

Korean buttons are 30mm. If you get the snap in kind you’ll need rubber mounting washers to stop them from spinning in their holes since their grip tabs are further down the button’s body. If you get the screw in kind, there’s no need to spend extra on the washers, but you have to solder to them as they don’t take QDs.

@SHSL_Street_Fighter alright gotcha, how reliable is etokki because thats the only place i can find rubber button washers for sale and ive never used their shop before.

I wouldn’t know since I’ve never ordered from them.

The Brook ps3 to ps4 converter is also a solid option if you would rather avoid swapping the pcb.

hmm its been about 3 years but I don’t remember anything bad about them when I ordered my taeyoung Fanta when I was playing tag 2 hardcore. it just takes a while for shipping

This is true also OP, they are really solid

Alright all the parts are ordered except for a couple, i hope to start the process in a couple days. all i need is the cabling that goes from the pcb to the system and the feed through and were good. as for the pcb i think i need a usb-b male to rj45 male to connect it to the neutrik feed through. because i believe the paradise breakout connects with a usb-b cable.