First bread N butter combo a scrub x23 should get down?4 UMVC3



I been just mashing on this game for months here and there…I just want to get down some basic no fancy combos for x23…

Im playing a team of my 3 fav marvel chars X23,spiderman ,deadpool and dont think they have any synergy or health and all seem technical compared to say capt america , doom, wesker…akuma…ironman yadda yadda…pretend your gonna teach this combo to your retarded brother that was dropped on his head over and over and has 2 fingers. just somewhere i should sitt start in the training room and get down


Personally, I think if you wanna play Spidey or 23, you gotta play 1 or the other. I’ve had 23/DP/third character since pre-Vanilla days and it’s worked out nicely. DP’s katanarama give’s 23 that extra boost in damage that she oh so needs. Throw in a disgusting third, you can kill a 900k. Mad mixups with your assists are needed. Anything that covers you or allows a nice mixup/reset opportunity will suffice.

Learn your Magics first, I guess.

:l::m::h::s: Super Jump :m::m::h: :l: talon attack -> Land -> :m: ankle slice (Fully Charged) -> Rage Trigger.

After that, you need to learn your MFC and your Scythe combos, they will improve your play IMMENSELY. Just keep on evolving your play.


Thank you . the huge x23 thread has me lost ,as dont know whats from the vanilla version and still usable in ultimate…when reading threw it

LOL yeah ,THAT< i knew throwing spidy in there that it was crazy,maybee iron man, he was who i was using for anchor for a while…

Thank you,start tinkerin with her tomorrow as the L talon attack is what i was missing when trying to get that combo down, seemed like i would never land fast enough to charge the ankle slice to super, like in the trail , like she would float in the air to long,


“The Penultimate” thread is info on ultimate only so you’re safe grabbing info from there. As an absolute beginner the missions can give you a good idea of what she can do. You might not be able to finish #8,9, or 10 on the mission modes just starting out. I can’t even do mission 10 consistently and I’ve been playing her since the game came out, lol.

check out the Mirage Feint H combos in the Penultimate thread after you get consistent with her basic series stuff.


Well thank you guys, that helped i practiced doing it in the training room on both sides of the screen and seemed to have got it down… Now to digg threw the big thread for the faint cancel stuff, i know thats were my struggle will begin…I did actually win some matchs against some higher ranked guys…iron man aint the best but he has a full screen assist, seems not alot use him so people dont know the match up or something…the full screen super helps also

thanks and i will be back for more scrubs q&a again another day soon