First Custom Stick: Need some advice


Hi SRK, I’m working on my first custom stick for the 360 and I need some help. I want to get my Stick Art printed and its 300dpi and everything, I just need to know what type of paper I should get it printed on? And should it be laminated if I’m using plexiglass? And about the plexiglass, were can I purchase it? Home Depot? Also, how thick does it have to be? It would be great if you guys can answer my questions and I’ll be sure to post some pics of the stick when I’m finished.


Well, I know for a fact that Arthong uses 90 lb. index Cardstock in color at Kinko’s for his artwork to place under his plexi, which you should be able to buy at Home Depot.


I always recommend lexan(best) over plexi (worst) and acrylic(good), especially if you are using a hole saw or spade bit for button holes. It cost twice as much, but I’ve never had lexan crack on me while drilling.


I have all my artwork printed on 11x17 glossy cardstock @ staples

looks real nice and its durable

super cheap too


Oh, I didn’t know plexi was bad. Alot of people use it around here. So, do they sell Lexan over at Home Depot or any other retailer?

And thanks to the people who answered my questions.


I was always under the impression that plexiglass WAS acrylic.

Anyway… plexi is okay as long as you’re careful making your cuts. I use a hole-saw with a pilot bit on all of the plexi I’ve cut and I haven’t had one crack yet on me. Plexiglass won’t scratch as easily as Lexan and it looks slightly better. Just be careful!

I use 1/8" plexi on everything I’ve done.

I use mamemarquees for printing. It’s pricey but I promise you won’t be disappointed with the printjob.


You’re correct; plexiglass is acrylic.


Acrylic aka Plexi & Lexan both have their pros and cons. Read this then make an informed decision on what best suits your needs :slight_smile: As long as you have the correct tools and patients you shouldn’t have any issue using either (practice on scrap if you can).