First DragonBall Z, now Yu Yu Hakusho

A new Yu Yu Hakusho fighting game is being developed for japanese arcades titled Yu Yu Hakusho: Shitou! Ankoku Bujutsukai. Hopefully this game won’t be a total piece of crap like Atari’s Yu Yu Hakusho:Dark Tournament from a few years ago.

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There have been at least 4 other Yu Yu games for the genesis/SNES.

theres so many fighting games I have to get already… I’m hoping this game sucks x_x

…j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Those were some pretty good games, especially the 3rd one in the series on the SNES.

YYH:Toku is one of the greatest fighting games ever made. It’s just plain fun.

I’ve never played any of the YYH games but I loved the anime, hence the avatar lol

Treasure’s YYH: Makyou Toitsusen owns that to death. Bitch is 4 player and plays just like Guardian Heroes.

No way man. The Genesis game is fun, I’ll give you that. But YYH:Toku is a completely different type of fighter that just had me hooked.

To each his own :wgrin:

Treasure’s game was definitely great fun. The first version of the game engine that would later be used in Guardian Heroes, loosely in AGH for the GBA, and now that Bleach game for the DS.

Heh, makes you wonder why Treasure never really made a true “stake” in the fighting game market. Makyou Toitsusen and Guardian Heroes’ Vs. Modes were often more fun to play around with than some games that are supposed to be bonafide fighters! :wgrin:

I mean, I could have easily seen them attaching themselves to a hot anime franchise like Naruto, or Bleach years ago, and at least be raking the benefits of a similiar type of market that the Naruto GNT games enjoy currently.

Ah well…hopefully this generation will only see more goodness from Treasure. For instance…would it be too much to want a TRUE follow-up to Guardian Heroes, perhaps on the Wii? It doesn’t even have to continue the same story or use the same characters, just give me plenty of good side-scrolling fighting action for up to 4 players and LOTS of it! A Vs. mode would be nice too…:lovin:

Looks like it’s just going to be another Dark Tournament with flashier graphics. But what the hell…there’s unfortunately no way this’ll make it to the States anyway.

Oh yeah…something you can do with Dark Tournament…turn Ring-Outs off, and host a tournament for the game. I was actually beginning to come up with a tier list for that game…I know right off the bat Genkai, Rinku, and Toguro Ototou are top tier.

And I agree with those giving props to Makyou Toitsusen. Sammy and Arc Systems tried to do that, and failed. Miserably. coughguiltygearisukacough Only Treasure could get that shit down right. If there were still people around making games like this, instead of materialized bullshit, completely rehashed titles, and abominations derived from licensed movies coughfightclubcough, then the second crash of video games wouldn’t happen in the next three years.

**actually since its the same company who made the recent dragonball title i bet this plays just like it plus… if this continues we may get a vs series in the future. i mean they did dbz now yu yu haka, who knows what might be next. yes i do know of the smash like title but a nice more conventional fighting game would be hot.

ABASI!** :cool:

Why not? Yu Yu’s popularlity is still up there with DragonBall Z, which is still getting games to this day, plus Atari still has the rights to distributing Yu Yu games as well. Just long as Atari doesnt develop the games on their own, its okay.

Makyou Toitsusen, Bleach DS, and Treasure for the motherfucking win.

If this game turns out to be as good as Super DBZ, I’ll definitely check it out.

I’m not quite sure about that. After we got the crappy Dark tournament game, Yu Yu Hakusho Forever was released, we never saw it despite the fact that it was actually a pretty good game. Although my point isn’t too valid since both YYH games are made by different companies.

But don’t get me wrong, YYH is one of my favorite animes and i’m really excited for this, especially if its going to be decent. Will be importing this one when/if it has a console release.

And IMO I felt that the first YYH game on the SNES was a little better than the 3rd (I didn’t like the 2nd’s SF feel.) I dug the character roster (WTF is up with the Suzaku hate?) and the fact that you had to distribute your won over energy to either your physical strength or your spiritual (well something like that.)

Edit- Oh, sorry if this has already been asked. Whose developing this? Anybody decent?

It’s being developed by the same people who made the DBZ arcade game Chou Dragonball Z, aka the company headed by the guy who developed Street Fighter.

Word son, and I don’t even watch YYH.

I hope Craft and Meister keeps releasing games like this. They have the potential to be popular via popular properties, while creating deep and satisfying arcade fighters. This could be the future of the fighting industry.

Whats Yu Yu Hakusho Forever? I’ve never heard of it.

YYH Forever Offical Site

The style of play is kind of similar to Dark Tournament, just MUCH more refined. It now plays more similar to the Budokai and Narutimate hero games, supers have that cinematic effect where you have to either input button commands or mash on a button against your opponent.

In fight transformations are included and I believe there are actually destroyer moves (1 hit KOs)

I haven’t imported it myself yet but thats what i’ve seen from various videos/faqs.

Ah thanks for the answer. Now i’m even more excited for this one.