First episode of Fist of the North Star on IGN

Yes, it’s subbed.
Yes, it’s the full episode.
No, you don’t have to be an insider.

WTF is going on? Is Hokuto getting a new DVD release and the first ep is up as a promo? Or will IGN have more episodes up?

One way or another, this is a great way to get newbs into the series. Free, good quality, and no need to download onto the computer. If you’ve never seen this series, give it a go. If you have, pass it on.

They need to market this the right way, dont do it half heartedly

Anyways damn the animation is superb. Even the later episodes didnt have the animation as quality as this

Ok, here’s the scoop. IGN will be releasing the first 15 episodes at least on their Direct 2 Drive service. Depending on the price, that may be a worthwhile deal.

I saw that ep…and realized ‘why the hell haven’t I watched this series yet?’ so i’m working on watching it now…trying to DL everything and catch up on something that I shouldn’t have missed in the first place.

…you’re already dead…

everyone should watch this, It’s epic…that is up until hnk2 x.x


HnK is the best anime PERIOD

maybe things will be different this time, maybe HnK will be recognized as the masterpiece that it is! prays for a full manga release

What do you guys think of the new movies out?

Who else is wishing for them to show what happens after Shin HnK