First ever Colorado 3s tourney Oct/5


1st C.J Edwards "DVS"
Urien “SA3” and Ryu “SA2”

2nd Joaquine Mazza “MACEAHO"
Alex “SA2” and Ken SA3”

3rd Ryan Davis "Infantry"
Necro “SA1” Hugo "SA2’’ Chun li "SA2"
and Yun “SA3”

4th Chad Cecere "Osakajin"
Ibuki “SA1” and Chun li “SA1”

T-5th Shane "Deviousl"
Urien “SA3” and Akuma “SA1”

T-5th Lenny "SOMEONEDVS"
Akuma “SA1”

It was a really fun tourney with some good parries and some very nice combos. It can only get better though


come on ryan, you beat me, you better own everybody.

better start winnin the 3s tourneys, you makin me look bad!! hehe jk

houston tourney is oct 19 and 20, you should roll downt there, gonna be some mad 3s comp


super high


And another 3rd strike state is born!

CJ E plays 3S, cool. I beat him in the 4/20 T4 tournament. He tried to cheese me with Lee, so I cheesed him with d+4 :smiley:

I wish I coulda went to this tournament, but I’M TOO POOR! That and I have to watch how many more miles I put on my car, lease is almost up.


Death By Aegis here - (too lazy to log off brian’s account):lol:

Anyways, its good to see Colorado playing 3s. Keep Nebraska posted on any future tournaments you guys are having. I’m sure we can make it out to a few.

Props to CJ for winning w/ Urien. Hats off to you.


I know I suck simon. Mace beat me twice mainly because I kept on fuckin up and missing combos and not breaking throws. I will do better next time.


The best 3S players in the Colorado didn’t bother to going to the tournament. I believe most looked at this tournament as a waste of time. The Results would have been much different. From my understanding 12 people entered. Edwards and Mr. Mazza know what’s up. We have The Champ down in The Springs. I have no comment on Chad and Shane.


Who exactly are the best 3s players in Co there ianja. Sure we casual play but we dont really know until tourney time and if you guys arent gonna show up thats fine but stop saying its a waste of time because if kyles would have been able to come all of you guys would have came up as well. I personally think it is pretty weak that you wont come up just because of one person and if we are not the best in Co come down and take are money. Basically what im trying to say is either show up to the tourneys or shut up. Also I just have one queston why was this tourney as waste of time to you guys im just kind of wondering.


If this was in fact Colorado’s first 3s tourney, then it looks to me like the top players in CO are

Ryan Davis

Thats who has to be dethroned.

Casual play aint shit. If someone claims to be the best, its gotta be proven in a tournament setting.


I would say the best 3S players are Mike, CJ K, CJ E, Joe and Daniel but I don’t find Edwards to be at the top, more around 3-5. I think casual play matters when people up north are lucky to win 30-40 percent of their matches. Blah blah blah, sense when did I or the real players here start following CJ every where he goes? I think I’ve been to one tournament in Colorado out of The Springs. I don’t go because I can’t stand most of players in this state, I dislike most of the players in Colorado Springs as well. I decided sleep would be more enjoyable than this tournament. I think the only people that might of gone if CJ went were Joe Hurst and maybe Joe K. Lots of money, what did first place get like 70 dollars. That really isn’t enough to make me really think about a tournament. I can prove enough without going. If you don’t think so I could care less. I think I’ve covered why it was a waste of time but I try to make self clear. Not enough people, not enough comp, too long of a drive and too many people that I can’t stand. For other people I think it was just too small. 3S seemed more like a side event compared to real tournament. I don’t think they believe they had anything to prove, people that have played should know who really runs things.


Ian who really cares if you dont like the people at the tourney come and play anyway. What do you prove without going to a tourney you say that you proved enough but I have absolutley no idea what you have proved. Also I dont know what you are expecting for the very first 3s tourney a full 32 man bracket lets be real. If you would have came down you would have been pretty amazed on how many tekken heads wanted to start playing 3s. Im just trying to build a larger competiton base for this game just as kyles did for Sc2 and Sc and its hard when some of the better players in the state wont come to play even though it is only a hour and a half drive. So if you not going to help build the 3s scene in colorado why even bother posting here ian I just dont understand.


You asked why the tournament was a waste of my time so I suppose you care in a sense. I suppose by this tournament you Edwards and Mace are the top 3 in Colorado. I would expect around 16-20 people for the first 3S tournament. I don’t believe 3S was hyped enough. Tekken heads have been impressed with CvS2 and MvC2 as well, it doesn’t matter, they will continue to play their Tekken over other games. If you are trying to build a 3S scene you sure didn’t do a very good job trying to get people to show up to the tournament. It’s probably hard when you don’t have much of an idea of what you’re doing. I found the tournament to be a joke and I wanted to voice my opinion about the tournament. How about you people up north get your 3,4 or 5 best players together and play Southern Colorado’s best players in a Round Robin Tournament one week before the Nebraska tournament in November and we will see who runs things. I’ll put up the results and the matches up on


Is MSP in 3S.:confused: :confused: :bluu: :confused: :rolleyes: