First Ever DFW KOF/3s Classic

Hello Fight game fans. I, Sanji Himura, am planning a first ever DFW SNK-Capcom Classic. This is my first tournament that I’m putting together, so please bear with me as I bumble along through the process of, hopefully, putting together a sucessful tournament. However, it wouldn’t be a tournament without your support, and so you can have direct input into every aspect of the tournament.

Date: July 14th(that’s a Saturday)

Venue: The Gaming Center at 5519 S. Hulen St. Fort Worth, Tx 76132(the corner of South Dr and Hulen Street in FW.)

Regestration Fees: $5, plus a commons fee of $2 that is payable to The Gaming Center. If you wish to observe, a commons fee of $2 will be charged, payable to The Gaming Center. This isn’t my call here people.

Prize distribution: 70/20/10 of entry fees.


Bring your own Controller! Controllers may or may not be provided for those who enter “at the door”. Be safe, and assume that they are not.

Needs and discounts:

Provide one of the following, get in at 1/2 price, provide three or more, get in free(you still have to pay regestration fees, sorry. :frowning: ):

3 TVs
4 Consoles
5 copies of each of the tournament games
2 6ft extension cords for power

Games Announced(subject to change):

KOF: 2002
Entry Fee: $5 Format: Single Elimination

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Entry Fee: $5 Format: Double Elimination

Third Strike Teams No Same Characters!
Entry Fee: $10 Format: Single Elimination

King of Fighters XI
Entry Fee: $5 Format: Double Elimination


  1. All matches will be best two out of three games.

  2. Teams for 3s Teams must consist of two people.

  3. If you are thrown out of the Gaming Center, FOR ANY REASON, you forfit your entry fee for any tournament that is unrun.

Time Table of Events:

Noon- Gaming Center opens; Practice starts
12:30- Regestration opens
1:00- Regestration closes, practice ends
1:15- first tourney will start. Order that the tournaments are run will be decided on popular opinion of those present.

A half hour break will be called at about 5PM for all participants and observers to have dinner. At regestration, participants would be given a piece of paper to allow them re-entry to the Gaming Center. This paper is a one time use pass and it would expire at the end of the tourney, so use it wisely. No Practice will take place during this time(to be fair to everyone).


taking money out of the prize pot is THE wrong idea.

if anything, require a REGISTRATION FEE to cover the cost of the venue.

post in the DTX thread, since you live in Fort Worth.

Turns out that I don’t need to do that after all. I got a hold of the venue, and I figured that I don’t need to do that. I had it typed and posted at S-C before I actually called the place, thankfully I figure that the regestration fee would cover the rental costs. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

I wish I could go to this but I’m gonna be at T8 in Canada when this is going on…


Well next time!

Give the exact address for people who don’t live in Fort Worth. :slight_smile:

5519 S. Hulen St. Fort Worth, Tx 76132

edit: nm…

Nice, tellin people what to do, way to go DFW head tournament director. LOL

haha no way maximum impact 1 are you serious

also 3s singles should be double elimination, teams single if you’re gonna do that.

do people play SF there? I live like 5 minutes away from there!

The place is a internet cafe, but there are mostly PC games and Yu-Gi-Oh on Friday and Sunday(with a tournament run). As far as console gaming, it is virtually non-existant with only SSBM played on any consistant basis.

Edit- New Information:

  1. I would like to run KOF XI, but I must rely on you to provide copies of the games. If I can run it, the entry fee will be $5 and will be in a single elimination format. If time permits, a special 4 on 4 Cvs2 area v area mini-tourney between the first and second finishers out of all the tourneys. Deciding factors for 3s teams are the people who won and lost the final match.

  2. Match rules:

Best two out of three matches. Third Strike Teams will consist of two people per team. If you are thrown out of the Gaming Center, you forfit your entry fee of any tourney you are in.

  1. Time Table of Events(So you can see the reason for most of the crazy calls):

Noon- Gaming Center opens; Practice starts
12:30- Regestration opens
1:00- Regestration closes, practice ends
1:15- first tourney will start. Order that the tournaments are run will be decided on popular opinion of those present.

I’ve only got the place until 10.

The Gaming Center is located 1 mile south of I-20 in the Remmington Park shopping center. So easy a caveman can do it.

Hopefully I’ve covered everything that I needed to cover in this update.

wow, 4v4? -.-

good luck. next time, ask the local DFW people to help you out on starting tournaments. it probably would’ve made it easier for you. we all help each other out.

your formats are…out of the ordinary. -.-

Why play KOF:MI when you can play KOF:MI2? Either way, I would suggest picking another SNK game instead. >.>

i’m not sure if you have the terminology correct. amodf is right; singles and teams format should be flipped.

i might just come for chuckles. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the double post, however, I’m in a bit of a quandry.

I know that most of you are on my back about the 3s singles portion of the tourney, and so I would like to know is you would like for me to go ahead and make it a double elimination tourney(and making 3s teams single elimination), or if you would like to do the following:

I hold two single elimination 3s single tourneys. One would be the standard tourney with the 70/20/10 payout. The other would be among all of the non-placers for the tourney with a winner-take-all prize pool of the amount not to exceed the number of participants x $2.50. You would regester for the special tourney when you regester, however, if you sign up for this tourney, and you place in the $5 tourney, you will be refunded the $2.50 you put in the prize pool. You must enter the $5 tourney to be eligible for this special tourney.

Look, this is still early enough for me to make major changes, however, I need input.

I say that to even out the brackets(it would be an 8 man tourney), however I think that this would blow up in my face.

actually, i’d have to agree. i’m being serious too, since i used to organize dfw tournaments. :confused:

NO. that’s defeating the purpose. that 2nd tourny you’re proposing just makes it a “less-sucky 3s players” tournament…i urge you not to do that. it also devalues the success of the players who got 1st-2nd-3rd.

singles = double-elim
teams = single-elim, knock-off style (2v2)

and kill KOF:MI and put some other SNK game, like KOF XI or 2002.

Wow… just wow.

Very well then, I’ll make 3s singles a double elim and 3s teams a single elim.

The reason why I put in KOF:MI in there is because I have a copy of the game, however if you feel that MI2 would be better, then I’m game. KOF XI is already in, so I’ll edit the top post now.

actually, MI2 is pretty broken. it’s fun in a Mortal Kombat sort of way, but there’s a lot of gayness in the game. :slight_smile:

as a competitive game? no.

You should probably change the title of this thread to KOF-3S tourney. Seriously you should throw in a different mix.

You are probably right…


I found out yesterday that the venue just picked up a PS3. If you have one, and know that PS2 controllers will work, then we can use it(I hope). If not, then I need another console.