First ever METRO CvS2 Tournament 06/14/2003

I’m not sure if anyone was going to post the results so…

  1. Ratio1BeatDown
  2. Mr. Kam
  3. JS
  4. Arcade Legend
  5. Nagata Lock II
  6. Wing
  7. Dennis Wong
  8. LSD
  9. Kymah
  10. Yuhin
  11. Charles
  12. Louie
  13. XXL

GG’s to everyone who entered and managed to make if after the crazyness of which arcade we’re going to play at.

… tournament

It was an alright tournament I guess (despite the fact that people were crying over prize money, which I never really cared about).

  • Eric - Get better from that SARS so you can start playing normally again hahaha.

-XXL - Watch out for a frustrated fat black blanka that will shock the shit out of you ahhahha (inside joke)

  • Arcade Legend - Fuck you and your reflector rugal thing, I almost lost to that shit hahahah.


roger kam and eric what teams did u use?


i think I used A groove bison, rolento, and blanka I might have used eagle im not sure though

Kam used C groove Vega, Chang, and sagat

I forgot what team eric used because I never had to play him yesterday.

aight thanks