First Evo... what to know?

Well… this will be my first attendance. What should I know besides to bring some damn deodorant?

–Signed up for CvS2, MvC2, ST, 3s. Is the bracket for each tournament created randomly? Also, where can I find out what time each tournament will take place at?

A good guess would be 10 AM to noon, but the Evo website will be updated with that info. When you will actually play is another thing…there will be hundreds of people, and all. They worked out the pool system pretty well last year. Basically you get a number for each tourney registration (i had pool 3 for MvC2 and pool 12 for CvS2, for example), and they announce when your pool is up Pool 1 plays right away on Friday, while if you’re in pool #8, you have time to go downstairs and get a sandwich and lose to Vegita-X or say hello to people, etc. I think they might have been running two pools at once last year, but I honestly don’t remember. Pools take maybe an hour or so to run…?

#2. Bring deodorant. For real. The Stink was averted last year, but only because people had the foresight to bathe and use deodorant. Smash Bros. players will be coming this year, and either way- we can’t expect lighting to strike the same place twice.

#3. If you’re staying at the Shilo Inn, make you have an RF switch for whatever consoles you’re brining, since their TVs don’t have the a/v inputs.

  1. Watch your drug/alcohol intake, especially if you play early the next day.

  2. You don’t wanna overspend, but have access to as much money as possible, in case of emergency.

  3. It’s not a chick. It’s Ricky Ortiz. Back away.

How good are the general players there? I’m in for CvS2, MvC2, ST, and 3s, and the only games I ever practice are CvS2 and 3s… so I’m looking at getting killed in the others, I imagine. Anyway, just going to meet people from GD and play a lot of casual play.

My theory is that Ricky Ortiz is what Michael Jackson eventually wants to look like.

Competition level is pretty high…you’re probably gonna get killed if you don’t really play MvC2, but it all depends on your pool and brackets.

Btw, top 2 players from each pool go on to the next round. Players are seeded by performance (you wouldn’t want to have Wong, Row, Soo etc in the same pool, so they would all eliminate each other), and I think by region (so you don’t travel thousands of miles to play the guy from your arcade).

If you play a lot of casual matches, I gaurantee you’ll leave Evo noticably better than you were when you came. It may take a couple days of getting pounded, however.

Good luck.

I looked all over the EVO 2k4 website except I can’t find a schedule which games are gonna be played on whichever day. I’m guessing signups take place on the 29th.

The reason I’m asking is because me and my friends also want to head over to some tourist attraction sites (universal studios etc). Most likely we’re gonna get knocked out on day one so we figure we could use the other days to check out L.A.

all the games are gonna start on friday morning after last minute sighn ups and after the rules are posted

just make sure you bring enough cash. i saw alot of heads around evo last year playing money matches for there next meal.

i’d highly recommend bringing alternate sources of food. one of the best decisions i made was to bring some granola bars, fruit roll ups, etc. just stupid snacky shit.

the food court wasn’t open during the whole weekend, the vending machines in the arcade got peaced out real quick, and my main source of food was bacon cheeseburgers and fries from some mexican food cart.

only as i was leaving in my cab (since i stayed at the executive west? or something right in cal poly) did i realize where the fast food places were. people would come back with bags of carl jr’s, wendy’s, etc and i would have no idea where they got them. and when i asked, most of them had their friends go and pick them something up.

so just being able to munch on something to give you a little bit of energy is nice since i didn’t have a car to go and explore.


Do you remember how much it was for a room there?

i stayed with the team serious crew and roger’s mom was gracious enough to pay for two rooms for the entire weekend. which was one of the reasons i was able to go because i was short on money at the time. super nice thing to do.

but if i had to guess, i think it was maybe around $100 per night. but i’m sure you could look it up online or something.

-Make sure you can find a place to sit from time to time. Your legs are going to get tired from standing all day.

I agree with PoPo on the food part. Bring random things you can eat. Not that I don’t like cheeseburgers, but not for breakfast.

Pretty much everything else was mentioned.

This year will be my first evo as well…

Please reassure me that Friday, Saturday, Sunday are the days that I actually need to be there. I got those three days off, and plan on driving down after work on Thursday. If that’s too late to sign up and/or play in the tournament, I’d like to know now so I don’t waste a trip.

from inkblot

If you can swing it, flying in on Thurs afternoon and leaving on Mon morning is the way to go.

Otherwise, the very last chance to sign up is Friday morning before 10:00 am, and the tournament finals run to around midnight Sunday night.

but you can signup on thursday also. i’m sure a full tourney schedule will be posted soon.

i look forward to playing your kim there also:)

One thing i’m bringing, is a pillow. That way when you’re tired(trust me you’ll be tired at one point or another)you can lie on the floor and watch all the matches on the big screens a bit more comfortably.