First Fan Coloring >.<

Hey guys, finally got photoshop yesterday, and decided to try my hand at coloring a panel from New Grappler Baki, one of my fav. mangas. While having absolutely no idea what I was doing, I worked off two tutorials by a friend of mine who does Berserk colors. Took me about two hours, most of it me fumbling around, mistakes were made, etc. Just tell me what you think of it(besides it suxxors as I know that :P)

How’d you go about coloring this [i.e. colored right on the page or under it]?

I tried to do this once on a Naruto page. It was kinda difficult because I didn’t know what I was doing and was coloring RIGHT on the page instead of under it, so I had alot of blips and gaps around small dots and such.

In any case, nice work. Great effect goin’ on in the background.

^I colored under it Sas, using layers via this tutorial by a friend of mine who does incredible berserk fanart >_<. He goes further though and has actually recreated entire panels from scratch by actually painting them.

I made 4 layers. A flats layer(for what colors I’d use), a Colors layer(for lighting/gradience, etc.), the Inks layer(the original drawing), and then a traps layer so I could put touches on it above the original drawing.(like I had several spots where I had accidently gotten blue on baki, so I used the traps layer to cover them up, you can see some of it around the edges of his arms)

Yea, I’m a huge ps newb, so I followed the tutorial to the letter. if you want I could send you the tutorial as well, as you’ll probably do better with it since he assumes you have basic ps knowledge anyway.

Set the B+W layer to multiply and color on a new layer on top of it. Thats all you needed to do. Much much easier.

^Thx, I’ll give that a try on the next coloring, as I said, I’m a complete ps noob so I really just followed the tutorial to a t.

EDIT: Did my second color, took Rabid’s advice and just kept it to two layers(though I still colored under the inks layer, not over.) Much happier with this one, though still felt I could’ve did better. Let me know what you guys think

I was gonna put orange highlights in Baki’s hair to simulate a fiery effect, but went with it blending in to the background and really liked how it looked.

nice! this looks 90% better :smile:

^Thx Tek :tup:, I’m gonna retouch up the first one, as well as hit two spots I’m seeing on the second as well, and repost them as links. Hopefully I can do another one tomorrow night, just the 2nd one is one of my favorite panels so I couldn’t wait to do it.

EDIT: Touched up the 2nd pic, made a quick brush up on the eyes as they were bugging me:

Did as much as I could to salvage the first one:

^ ill be looking forward to that. :tup:

Ok, here’s the touched up Baki pic with some modifications made to the background and some cruddy lighting attempts.

Here’s a relatively quicker color I did of Baki’s father, Yuujirou.

I love grappler baki. In the 90s 45 min movie look at the poses and dynamicism. Great work

^Thanks Ryu, it’s a favorite of mine too, so it surprises me there aren’t more colorists, but hopefully I can get a fight panel for you guys’ next, these large one character panels were easier for me to get started on.

Np man, I appreciate stuff like this. I think it’s cool to color things because it’s like a 2nd look at some classic favorites. If you ever get awesome at this, you should try coloring some of Ryu Final (if you dont have it yet you’re missing out.)

Also I think a popular artwork from 2005 when MGS4 was announced, was fan colored and it got so popular that many people think that’s just the way it was released; it’s all over the net too.

Is fan-coloring a popular thing? Like do they have groups that just work on coloring already existing manga?

^Yep, usually it’s one person doing fan coloring, but there’s been entire manga chapters that fans have colored. I’ve seen cases like this with Naruto for instance.

Dude, you did so much better than me on your first try than mine… I’m Jealous… ’

^Don’t be, it helped that I had a good tutorial to work off of, or it wouldn’t have even turned out decent, trust me. Found a good scene to work on, hopefully I should have it ready by tonight/tomorrow, as I’m gonna do some experimenting with lighting, so the pictures stand out more.

EDIT: I hope you guys aren’t disappointed :smile:

The world’s strongest old dude Kaku Kaioh vs the World’s strongest Creature Yuujirou. :rofl:

Also seperated the last panel and made it wall sized, with the orange background as well as white for comparison, tell me which one you guys like better

I’m WAAY too disappointed ha ha. Good shit man. More!

so this is going straight to my desktop? :smiley: seriously. both the orange and white backgrounds are tight as shit. nice job dude.

Good shi’ BEWD! :rock:

Damn, shit is crackin!

link to tutorials you used? i found a pic of urien i would like to use for my stick but i can’t find anyone that wants to color it for me :frowning: