First Fan Coloring >.<

:Tup: There ya go, there’s also this site: which gives you good color combinations that go with a primary color you pick, using the color wheel.

A Urien Pic? Pm me with the image, and details with how you want it done and I can give it a hand for ya :D. Just know as my title says, I AM a noob. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: @Ryu: Here’s an example of why I consider myself a noob :smile:

Done by the guy who did the top two tutorials I used. That’s actually a recreation of a panel from Berserk hand painted from scratch in ps. It took him a few weeks to get that done >_<.

Now like you asked me earlier about fancolorists in groups, usually REALLY good fanartists like the above work alone, though with mangas like Naruto there are small groups dedicated to coloring pages from chapters, to full color pages. I also think Ignition-One(Ippo/Jojo Scanlators) have a single colorist who does color pages exclusively for them as well.


TT: Here you go, I tried to get as close to Urien’s mk color as possible, but ended up going a little too dark, so I took 10 mins to do some lighting to compensate for it. :sad:

dope thanks finally have a urien pic worth my stick

Np :tup:, if you need me to do a background or something just hit me up again, enjoy your (arcade)stick dude.

i might take you up on that offer i’m thinking about having someone else do my art this time the past two times i’ve changed them i’ve done them

One of the reasons that looks better is that it took more time and he used a lot of different levels for each color. I think that’s what separates the beginners from the more advanced IMO. In coloring alone I mean, for drawing it’s a little different.

I took a day to read all those tutorials and most of it was pretty informative. :tup: I didn’t know that there were that many concepts for colors ie. complimentary and the triangle one. I don’t think I gained too much from the lighting one but I may have to read it again some time. Back to drawing tuts before attempting my noobery. :lol:



This is what I’m working on now, still putting the finishing touches on it such as lighting/bloodwork(so it’s not pitch black like on the inks.) :tup:

Looks great, Blue Eyes White Dragon if not what is it :wink:

ah ha great reply. i dont know which fight thats from but they made it very extreme with the ripped mouth. ur gettin better.

when you find some great action pose/kick/punch/throw, definitely try that out

Casts Life 3 on thread :smile:

How’s this action pose, Fist? :smiley:

EDIT: Above panel is from the manga Riki-Oh

BEWD: You have some pretty cool stuff going on especially since you’re first starting out…I’m a noob myself so I know how you feel when it comes to using ps for coloring. Tbe best advice I can give is to keep working on things and talk to people who are good at ps who are willing to show you things.

I put up some stuff the other day and while I like it, it should be better but check it out if you want.

Last pages have color stuff, that I did.

or you can go to my DA page.

baki always reminds me how to not draw muscles but your coloring is cool!