First Female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Has Died


I don’t think anyone in the history of British politics has divided opinion more than this woman.

Being from the North of England I think she was an awful woman and quite possibly the worst Prime Minister in history, An absolute awful woman in her “Prime”

Personally. I’ll be having a few drinks.

I know most of you are american, so just think of her as a female Dubya.

Thoughts? Happy? Sad?


I remember a funny anecdote about her in one of Hitchens’ books, but I can’t recall it. She left office when I was 4, so american or not I’m barely familiar. wouldn’t all you englishmen be drinking anyway?


Here’s a great article by the UK’s Guardian


She’s dead. Good.


Haha, I love when the media (I was going to write “people”, but it’s really just reporters, news anchors, and a few insane people) pulls stuff like “don’t criticize a dead person” to divert the conversation to a place they like. You can’t criticize her now because she just died, but you can’t wait a few months and criticize her because that was 30 years ago and like, it’s not like actions have an effect on the future anyway, so let’s just forget about it all. Nobody likes a sourpuss.


The media slaughtered her for decades, yet the hop on the horse when she kicks it. Silly.

I had a beer this evening dedicated to her death. Morbid? Yeah. But the beer tasted so much better.


Well, her style of politicking led to Reagan and Bush Sr., both hated by the majority of people, so…


Chaves died, but then Thatcher died soon enough. Thatcher > Chaves, so capitalism wins, again.


Don’t know much about her, aside from the countless dystoptic fiction inspired by her tenure.


Hmm never heard of her, time to do some research.


Ronald Reagan with a vagina. Most likely including the revisionist Sainthood that will be applied to her in the coming weeks.


I saw someone’s facebook status telling her to RIP and say hello to Reagan, and I didn’t sense any kind of sarcasm. I was tempted to ask if they would even be in the same circle, but I actually don’t know (or care, for that matter) enough about her to argue. Plus she actually typed her own words instead of just sharing some retard picture about how we need chimps with grenades protecting our schools or how pi contains the universe and stuff, so I was impressed.


I’ve heard nothing of her but bile and hate from my effeminate liberal friends so you know she was doing something right.
I can like her for that reason alone.
They don’t make women like Thatcher very often, regardless of how you feel about her politics. She was put together.


i don’t really have an opinion on her, but my scottish co-worker told me that his parents emailed and were cracking a bottle of champagne, also apparently there’s an official “the bitch is dead” party in glasglow lol

but yeah, i don’t have an opinion, it seems like she was a slightly more divisive reagan.


I encourage everyone to celebrate death.


What’s up, Satan?


For me, her name will forever be tied to this scene:


She also supported the apartheid and the Pinochet regime.


I like how the author compares the attempt of the UK’s right to glorify Thatcher to what happened when Ronald Reagan died, as it’s a great example.

I remember hearing nothing but praise for Reagon when he died [Ex: Reaganomics, detente, fall of Berlin wall (which he gets too much credit for)], but nothing of his faults (Ex: Reagonomics, detente, letting HIV/AIDS become the epidemic it is). They did a poll around the same time asking Americans to vote who they thought was the best president, and Reagan won in a landslide. More than Lincoln, more than JFK. An unchallenged propaganda campaign that worked like a charm.


Was this it?