First Fighting game everrrrrrrr

So what should i buy for my ps3??
Im completely new when it come to fighting game.

Street Fighter 4 AE: play SF once when i was 12, lost, punch acarde machine, run back home crying.

Blaze Blue: see a review on IGN, kinda cool

MVC3: i play some thing similar on my old PS2 long ago. The game start and i got killed 2 seconds later(WTF happening on the screen)

Skull girl: << What the hell is this?

Tekken: I got beat by my little brother with his face rolling on the controller.

Soul Caliber: sword fighting thingy, never play before

Visual fighter(< Call GRAMMER NAZI): What the hack is this thing?

Dead or Alive: Is this game dead or alive?

My point is i want to start playing fighting game, and i want the game with very active community, plus lot of people playing online all the time since i have no one to play with at home.

Thanks BRoooooooooooooooooooo

Same with me. I’m going to get SSFIVAE once I find a stick and then UMvC3 when it comes out. I’d get into MvC3 earlier but… 3 months and I’d have to pay another 40 dollars, I can wait. Plus the game seems to be changing enough that I probably wouldn’t even have enough time to get used to it before things switch around.

I’d recommend DOA4 but that is very old, still just get it, it’s cheap.

If your looking for online get Tekken6, Mortal Kombat 9 or SSF4AE, Soul Calibur 4 might still have a good amount of online players. Tried MvC3, learning all those combos was just not worth it and got bored of the game.

If you want active online, AE and MvC3 would be the best bets. I’m sure Skullgirls will have a dedicated community (though who knows how big it’d be). And 3rd Strike Online should also have a solid community when it launches in a few weeks (3rd Strike Online runs on GGPO, so the online should be great, too).

He wants a game with an active community and you recommend DOA4? Does anyone play that game anymore?

Clearly reading has never been your friend. But still, that game is a gem and the only reason why people hate it so much is because there is only online player mode arcade style having to wait.

Get MK9 imo. That game is perfect to introduce people to fighting games.

I agree with this, especially if you’re lacking a stick. Some argue the ps3 controller is superior to a fightstick for Mortal Kombat 9 thanks to the solid d-pad. I suppose if you stick with playing the game longer than just a flame, you can always get a stick and new games to complement your new-found interest.

Ya, immediately jumping into a stick and SSIV was a bad idea for me. Ehh maybe not now that I think about it because no way I could have played with the 360 dpad but a month after I got my stick and the game it was set to the side and began collecting dust. For your first real fighting game, SSFIV was just overwhelming.

MK9 on the other hand got me back into fighting games. It was just alot more fun especially because I was good at it! The game had such bad online at first though I started mingling in SSFIV again and knew I deep down liked that game better but hated that I sucked at it. A few weeks after that I completely stopped playing MK and focus on SSFIV now.

MK really is a “noob” friendly game. I’m a total scrub at SF so I use noob lightly. The input execution is far more lenient then SF, hell I was making up my own combos in training its that simple of a game. It’s still a fun one though and all my friends would rather play that then SF since they can hop on and do some cool stuff.

Im thinking of SF4 or Skullgirls. Gotta go to Gamestop to see if they got it.

Well, they won’t have Skullgirls. Its not released yet, and will be a downloadable title anyways. If you go with SF4, go with Arcade Edition, since that’s what the vast majority play now.

thanks guy

I’ll decide to get SF4 AE now and get Skullgirl when it come out

I would recommend BlazBlue: Continuum Shift as well, since it’s only $20 new and the CS2 update is free. It’s a different style from SF so it won’t seem like you’re playing the same fighting game.

Play ST. That should get you up and running! :rolleyes:

I second this. Plus, the game has a built-in tutorial mode made for those who are unfamiliar with fighting games


Well I’ll have to check google and youtube to see what the game is like and decide than.
Is there a lot of people play this game online??

Blazblue is solid. I don’t play much of it, but I do recall it having a good amount of tutorial stuff. I don’t know how many play it online, but I’d imagine you’d be able to find people to play with.

Just bought Blazblue
so now anyone got any recommend noob character.

Hm. I don’t know if I can handle Blazblue on top of trying to play SFIV and UMvC3 all at once.

Though Marvel seems like it would take less time to get ‘decent’ at. How is Blazblue in that regard?

Noel and Jin are pretty friendly to newcomers, although I don’t actively follow the BlazBlue community, so I don’t know if they’re considered good characters at this point in the game’s life. I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t be at least mid-tier though