First fighting stick; Razer Atrox Arcade Stick?


So I’m looking to get a fighting stick, price isn’t really an issue so I’ve been looking at the Razer Atrox, I’ll be gaming on PC so console compatibility isn’t a concern to me. Are there any Sticks that are better than the Razer?


Razer is supposed to be very mod friendly by design, really nice case. The buttons and stick are high quality, though some people prefer other brands- easy to switch then if you want to experiment. Not a bad choice for a pre built stick, though there are better deals out there with the same Sanwa parts (such as the mad catz pro model for $130), albeit with inferior cases.

Personally, if I was buying a new stick without price being much of a factor, I’d order a panzer stick (Jasen’s Customs) with a ps360- reasons being a) it’s made of pretty tough metal, and b) multi console compatibility, with at least ps4 support coming for the new gen.


^^ seconded, also its cool to support one of our own.

If I sell enough I’m buying a replica egret CP.


Ill have to agree to both the above comments. Its not that hard to piece a stick together yourself! Especially with the Panzer and ESPECIALLY with the PS360+


Cases: Panzer, Tek Case, Foe hammer, B15’s DIY cases, shoe box ect…
Cthulhu is a good choice if all you want is PS3/PC support via USB. MC Cthulhu if you want some Retro System support.


The PS360+ might be getting PS4 support in the near-future.
I think I read a few days ago that a beta driver was developed and was being tested in the thread… Makes you wonder how different the PS4 controller drives are from the older PS system’s. Not so different after all???


From what I understand it isn’t a driver issue, PS4 has a authentication security chip for their controls.


I’ve been debating a panzer case vs a foehammer case. Anyone have experience with either?


Both will serve you well.


I do have a older Foehammer case, they are good stuff.
I can’t personally speak about the Panzer, but I did put in a order for Jasen’s MK 48 Supergun case.
If it good enough for my MVS Arcade board its good enough for a stick.

Wood will feel more solid, despite the weight and size and it will slightly muffle noise from game play
while a metal case will echo.

Either one a good choice. What are you looking in a stick case?


I really just want a good basic/classy presentation that I can have at my door step for <$150 shipped. Sturdy build quality is a bonus. Both of them look really nice in the pics but it’s hard to try to guess if id like them without actually seeing them.

Jasens sound and look good but I can’t see myself liking a metal case considering I’ve been on TE and Q4 cases my whole life


Check out magocyber, he makes some gorgeous wood cases: Mods, feel free to close this thread


I personally will probably never order from Foehammer again. Both cases I have ordered from them have been made wrong. The latest ones plexiglass didn’t even match the control panel slots. Its not a hard fix, but seriously, as the customer I shouldn’t have to modify it.

On a less personal note, keep in mind that Foehammer cases are wood, so the paint can chip, and will show hand wear if you rest your hands on the painted wood. The upside is that their cases have very unique and awesome designs that really stand out.

I recent ordered a panzer case, and am waiting for it to arrive. My initial thoughts are positive though, since its powder coated metal it won’t show wear and there no risk of chipping. It being steel makes it durable, wish is really nice and it also has built in mounting stands for the PS360+.

All in all, you probably won’t be disappointed either way. I have just had negative experiences will Foehammer (more even than just the two instances I mentioned).


If Voltech were still in business, i’d choose one of his sticks hands down!! Hori VLX if you can find one. Panzer cases are too plain and Foehammer’s too busy, IMO.


If price isn’t an issue, I say go complete baller status and get the HOON arcade stick. Wrapped in ostrich leather. :stuck_out_tongue:


For a factory stick it’s hard to get better. Good parts that are responsive and made to handle a beating, no-slip bottom for comfy lap play and easy to change the aesthetics/buttons/stick if you end up not liking the feel of the sanwa parts or they break for some reason. It’s just a good stick in basically every way.


I love my Atrox and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I changed my buttons, actuator, spring and gate with ease. Just push a button and BAM everything is right there.


Thanks! So far a lot of people are very happy with the Panzer Fight Stick. Remember, its only plain if you keep it that way. Some recent customers did a great job with cool graphics. I have a WideBody that I am finishing tomorrow that has a killer graphic that people are going to love.