First game you ever owned/played

Feel free to take some liberties on this one if you don’t remember or want to name your first game for a particular console.The first video game I ever owned, EVER, was Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Pocket. Good game. Sure I got stuck at a certain part and gave up for a couple years, but it was still a lot of fun.Someone tell me that Dragon’s Call is the hot game now.Does anyone who play it?plz tell me is it cool?interesting?I want to play this game and anyone want join with me?Dragon’s call official website:

Legitimately, A Link to the Past on SNES.

I played the shit out of it.

It was either Sonic or Eccho on the megadrive, can’t quite remember which was first. (Was only around 3 lol)

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Crash Bandicoot.

I really, really don’t want to respond to an obvious advertising post, but the first game that I actually owned was X-Men on the Sega Genesis. Badass.

i had 100+1 nintendo games on one system, that ironically looked like a clone genesys. taiwan underground ftw!

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Altered Beats on Genesis.

Mario and Duck Hunt came with the NES, so if we’re not counting that, it would be a game named King’s Knight.

Centipede on Atari 2600. I still find it more enjoyable than anything on the PS3.

I dont remeber what it was called but it was that game/robot that came with the nintendo. I mean the thing came with duck hunt and Mario Bros. but I thought that robot was amazing. I think it was called Gyrobot or something. Thats the first game/system I owned. The first game I ever played was centipede. So says my mom. She would take me to the arcade when I was just a wee boy, 3 or 4 years old. She says I would move around from game to game but I would always finish my game of centipede.

First game I can remember playing is Alien Syndrome for the Sega Master System. The first game I owned was that first Ninja Turtles game for NES that was hella hard. I always had a hard time at that underwater level where those damn tentacles or whatever they were would grab you if you’re too close.

Two-In-One cartridge Master System: Hang On/Safari Hunt

Don’t remember my first game i bought. Would have either A) been something on the atari 2600 or B) on the 8-bit NES. I have a hard time remembering stuff for other systems too.

My first games on other systems i do remember-

Sega CD: Technically, Sonic CD, as i used the coupon to get the game for free when i found it after opening the Sega CD. Otherwise it was Final Fight CD.

Sega Saturn: Street fighter the movie.

Sega dreamcast: Soul Calibur

PS2: Technically, the first of the new-age 3D Dragonball Z titles(returned w/ system). Later Chaos Legion(kept).

X-Box 360: Street fighter IV.

i remember waaaaaaaay back playing games you had to physically program yourself on fucking Tandy’s and/or other ancient computers

Then I got my first nintendo on Christmas Day, when it launched, and had ZERO fucking clue what it was. Got a fucking shitload of games with it though (I can’t remember em all, but I know Excitebike was one of em).
Much later, I got an SNES as well as Final Fantasy II, Final Fight, and Super Mario. Played a bit of Mario and was like “cool” then played Final Fight and was in love with the graphics but hated how hard it was, then played Final Fantasy II and it never left my system for like 3 months.

the first I remember playing was Defender II in the arcade. The first game I owned was Ms. Pacman later on Atari 2600…either Ms. Pacman or Mario Bros.(yeah, there was an Atari 2600 version of that.)

The first game I think was in our house was when we got our NES and it was Snake Rattle and Roll, goddamn game

The first one I straight up bought was when I received my first mcdonalds check and bought a ps1 and symphony of the night, sadly I did not have enough cash for a memory card the first time out.

Legit owned?

Your mom. Definitely your mom. I owned the SHIT outa her.

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Hmmm…first one I ever owned? Probably Super Mario Bros. on the NES.