First Images - Street Fighter Series 3 Variants!

May 6, 2005 First we showed you the newest images of Street Fighter Series 3 figures.
Now, SOTA Toys is proud to show you the first shots of Street Fighter Series 3 Variant figures.

The third series of Street Fighter Variant figures consists of :

Here are the first player colors…

Do NOT use the one on the right…looks like somebody yanked the head off a starving, retarded Ugandan and plopped it onto Balrog’s body. The middle model looks freakin’ COOL!!

Eh? I actually thought Balrog’s alternate head looks pretty good… sure, it’s goofy, but Balrog does have freaky expressions on his face like that in a lot of official Capcom art, as well as in the SF2 animated movie. I do agree that Balrog’s black outfit looks great, though.

I kinda wish they would’ve done the pink/red/white scheme as one of Sakura’s alternate colors. I’d rather have that than the red or orange variants shown here.

Gen’s red outfit looks very nice. I’m not too fond of the yellow schemes on any of this series’ figures, though. The figures themselves look great, though! :slight_smile:

Sakuras lookin’ hot! :tup:

Jesus Christ. 4 Guiles? What the f*ck?

And -5- each of Sakura and Adon. Personally, I don’t think it’s taht bad an idea in theory, however they could have picked some better alternate colors.

I like the Balrog head on the right, it makes him look like “Crazy insane I’ll bite your ear off” Balrog, the other head kinda looks like he’s happy or something, and that doesn’t suit for Balrog. I’m not really diggin the pink outfit though.

Man, that pic makes me want to perform cunnilingus on Sakura

I like how they’re releasing the characters as a jumble, but I also kinda wish they’d done themes for each round. There are enough characters and sub-groups to make this feasible, and might have made it easier for fans to get characters they wanted as a group.

Round 3 looks great, Round 4 hurry up!

Whoa so many varients this time!

I’d wish for the secret color Guile, oh well. [tan + navy blue]





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