First Impressions of MvC Gameplay

Salutations. E3 just launched off and some MvC 3 gameplay has surfaced. With this came many things, most of all anxiety. This would either disprove or prove all of our fears and worries. And with this, hopes and dreams of people who have wished for a decade to have this made. Well, I like what I saw.

First off, with the TvC team working on this and me not really caring for TvC and it’s simplified controls, it worried me. Though, Seth said in a blog that it was closer to MvC 2 than TvC, and that eased my worries, but hearing about the buttons and the “exchange” button worried me even more. I didn’t know what to think but, let’s start off.


As far as graphics, I really had to get use to them. I wish they had darker “Black” shadows on them, kind of like the filter in SSFIV. As comics tend to have heavy black shading on things, my friend Lilli said they look like “Max Steele dolls” or something, but more dollish than comic, I do agree with this, but I do like the graphics nontheless.

They took a second to get use to, so many colors, epileptic seizure warning had BETTER be on this. But all in all, it’s not that bad and flows nicely.

Though, I will admit that I hate the whole number graphics they used to counter combos the whole “blah blah blah” damage that’s on it like on TvC, I don’t really care to see the damage unless I turn it on in training mode, it crowds up the joint and already too much going on as it is. As far as the “DUDE!” , “GREAT” and stuff, I wish they made that better than the TvC, but oh well, if they can disable them, that’d be fine. Also, I don’t really like the numbers for the Timer (Or the Timer itself) or the numbers for the super meter, and I don’t really like how they designed the energy bars.

The Backgrounds are really beautiful and well done. I particularly liked the Tron Bonne stage from what I seen. Though, with her in the background that almost guarantee’s we won’t see a return of the Treasure Pirate from Megaman Legends. But it’s really awesome, I love it and they did a good job on their promise of Phenomenal back drops. Pretty, and not too distracting. Though, at the same time, they might have over did it just a bit.

Something else, I do not mind the Freeze Frames as they don’t seem to take away from the game or prevent you from doing anything else.


Honestly, the gameplay was good, obviously they’re some new things. This isn’t MvC 2 (2.0), it’s MvC 3, you can’t have EVERYTHING you want, it is a new game. But I do like how the game play closely resembles MvC 3, good 3 on 3 action, air combos, assists, and a ton of new stuff. Though, I do want to address a lot of things that I seen.

#1 - DANTE. Devil May Cry is my favorite gaming series, Devil May Cry 3 being my fav of all of them and young Dante, so I loved when this design was chosen for his MvC 3 counter part. Awesome. Like most people who are too good, competitive people and wanna be competitive people tend to whore them out, so I was hoping he was good, but not really too good. But he looks BROKEN.

Dude has a relaunch inside of his combo, Devil Trigger is ridiculous ontop of whatever boost you have left when it’s only one character, a TELEPORT. And an awesome looking assist that has loads of possibility. I haven’t seen what else everyone else has, but he’s already looking like a over the top, top tier character. Though, I can’t say he’s really broken because it looks like they did him justice, but honestly, I just don’t want people to whore him out, he’s my favorite character of ALL time, from my favorite game of ALL time of my favorite series of ALL time. Damn.
#2 - Hulk**. Where’s his Super Armor? And he seems to do below regular damage, and his Supers doesn’t even seem to connect all the way, I really don’t know what’s going on with this.
Felicia, Morrigan?** - Where were they? Even in the extended trailer I seen they weren’t there at all. It would’ve been nice to see them in at least a match or two. I only seen
Iron Man/Wolverine/Hulk/Ryu/Chris/Dead Pool/Dante. I know you might say that’s a good number, but on 3 on 3 that’s only 1 person over on two teams. I wanted to see some game play for them, especially Morrigan. I wanted to see if anything changed from MvC 2 or TvC.
Cross-Over Aerial Rave thing** - This is cool, I must admit, me and my friend were talking about it. But the one thing I don’t really understand is that it uses NO BAR. And it seems possible in every air situation. I know you can “deny” your opponent doing this by pushing the “exchange button” when you see them tagging out, but is it going to be easy to recognize and react to? If so, I can see why you wouldn’t waste a meter, but if it’s hard to stop, then meter would make more sense, as it’s a free tag in and wastes burning Ultras to get in safely, and it also stops the risk of tagging in freely.

Iron-Man - Apparently this is like Sakura’s Ultra 2 in SSFIV. He can shoot it forward or Diagonally up, pretty cool actually.

Ryu: Something tells me Tatsu xx Shinkuu Hadouken works. Even though I never seen it one time in any vid.


The sound is overall pretty damn good. I like the sounds and the effects, and I very much like how they did Dead Pool, pretty damn true to his comic state. The fact he has Shoryuken (Which he does in a Comic with Wolverine) is pretty damn nice, I’m glad they gave reference to that. This is well done.

What I want

What I really want them to do is add more heavy black shading to the characters, as this gives it a more “Comic” feel, like in the trailers. I want them to have a TWO player online training mode to get things down, and I just want Capcom to ask for feed back when it gets new things.

I thought this game was going to blow, but it’s shaping up to shatter my low expectations, I’m glad.

People I want in
COME ON you know I had to do it.

B.B. Hood
Ayame (Power Stone)
Hinata (Rival Schools)
Poison (Final Fight)
Maki (Final Fight 2)

Good shit people!

I just Cable to be erased from the Marval cast all together. As long as he’s gone I’m cool. Also [media=youtube]vRkYoB3P4nM&playnext_from=TL&videos=a7rPvGs64Yo&feature=sub[/media] here is your cat girl :slight_smile:

Chris is here to make you miss Cable.

Appreciate it guy.

Yeah, and he has more weapons and steroids so that way you’ll forget about Cable completely.

yo dante is cool, I hope they dont nerf him. I hope he still has more tricks up his sleeve and more stylish combos and specials. I’ll be happy if capcom has 5 top tier characters and marvel can do w/e they want as long as it’s not too broken. It would be nice if we got a demo in the upcoming months.

what i like is the gameplay and the pace of the action Donte’ seems pretty damn dope and ironman seems cool too. i agree with Rok the Reaper on why not burn any meter when using the dual aerial combos but, i can’t complain goes to show u that this shit is broken already jk lol…i didn’t like the music in game i still like the mvc2 spice better or im just spoiled by that music but hopefully custom tracks can fix that. the Graphics wasn’t so bad after getting used to TvC so its no problem. I just would like to know what the red glow does? i’ve seen it in another video as well. It doesn’t burn any meter and there is a red icon by the characters name?..hmm we shall soon see overall i think its dope and of course its marvel.

well, from what I heard somewhere, the red glow gives a damage increase to a character, but it can only be used when it’s the last character on the team, kinda like jin’s power ups. but what else i’ve seen is the players using this boost to cancel a super, and use another super right after, effectively doing a double super with the same character. interesting shit imo. can’t wait to play this.

Could Iron Man’s smart bombs OTG before? Seems like a lot of things OTG in this one.

Also, can’t wait to use that diagonal up proton cannon.

Don’t know at all how you can judge gameplay by watching videos.

you made a gameplay impressions thread but you havent actually played the game? wtf? graphics sure, but how can you even comment on gameplay or balance

this is a really dumb thread dude. great impressions on ryu though, woah

let the people who have played the game make the thread.

also, based on your wanted list, maybe you should leave MVC alone and go play a game like rumble roses or arcana hearts

love Dante, looooooovvvvvveeeeee Deadpool.

so who has actually played the game?

i really love the gfx style and the ‘comic’ presentation.

gameplay wise is looks very much like mvc2 so not for me.

I got mixed feelings right now from all the gameplay footage. I really like alot of the combos and some of the stuff looks crazy broken with I like. I really dont like is that it has to much tvc stuff in it. ryu alone is the tvc ryu. and the graphics just dont do anything for me, graphics look like crap. fuck 3d shit looks retarded, iron man looks like hes a skiny plastic version of the movie iron man. Hopefully they can get a demo at evo so we can get a better view of what ist like. they still got a year to go so their might change a lot of stuff, hopefully some of the tvc features get taken out.

maybe you want to add a few words on the controls?

it’s nothing like MvC2 as you said it’s a new game

but the control is mostly based on TvC

you get Light - Medium - Heavy for combos
the 4th button is the Launcher and Air combo assist button

and yea 2 assist buttons

it’s really simple i think most ppl will complain about it first but i guess it’s cool simple but deep style

my guess is most combos work like this: light light medium medium heavy > launcher > light medium heavy laucher button for the assist combo and then the same again 2 times

it’s simple but awesome design imo. i see so much potential already in this game and i’m so hype already

this year evo SSF4 will show the true tricks and next year we get MvC3 and i hope for MK9 well E3 is still going hope to see some MK9 and more MvC3 Gameplay.

yeah, I won’t buy this game if they don’t add more heavy shading…

they luk like dolls. i’m adult, i play man games. capcom fix dis nao!

the game is 60% done. Not sure what people are expecting graphically??

broken games >> balanced games

I noticed ryu was able to move before a triple hyper combo was done.
Traditional flying screen rules post air combo have been obviously modified = very long combos. I’m already seeing some potential 90-100% combos with Dante, Deadpool and Iron Man. Resets too. Hulk/Iron Man DHC did 70% on Dante.
I saw a helper get air comboed and left the screen, but when a helper got hit on the ground he stayed on the screen for what could possibly be more hits.
Chris’s ‘suck it’ bomb looks unblockable.
Capt Americas dp is now back to msh status.
Is that rage when you’re about to die?
Air throw incoming characters…interesting.
I really don’t see the point in doing a three character air combo. Doing two looks like it leaves more reliable combo followups plus you reduce the risk of being countered. Dante looks like a good 2nd character.
Actually Dante looks like the most powerful outta the cast thus far.
Me likes how the announcer tells you when you have 2,3, etc. super levels.

mvc1 did that

Wait Hulk doesnt have super armor?!?!?! Wtf? I sincerely hope that it’s due to the game being incomplete and not a conscious decision. That makes no sense.