First Landscape in Pastel

Well I hate doing simple landscapes because I’d rather draw someone getting owned by a rocket launcher, but I did one anyways. All in soft, Rembrandt, pastel. That stuff is fun.

If you guys have seen a very similar photograph and are itching to burn me, here’s the link to the other image so you don’t have to scrounge the net for it.

I modified it enough to where I can’t be called a whore I suppose. I really wish I was able to get that really green saturated grass so I could leech of this picture some more, heh heh. I really wish I tried harder to make this picture my own, what a waste. Ah well, tell me what you guys think.

DAMN! it looks like you just turned the camera around and took another picture. superb job man.

Damn thats amazing…

This is quite the nice man. Only thing i have to say is to watch out for air inbetween. The rock in the foreground could go darker in terms of shadowing compared to the dark you have in the foregound mountains. Overall good job.

Oh man this is beautiful.This is awesome skillz. Makes me wanna go watch Lord of the Rings.googd work.