First lesson from a noob modder in the making


Don’t cut off the prongs on the buttons.

My dumbass did a parts swap Sanwa Denshi parts from a Street fighter X Tekken fightstick pro for xbox 360 that I got used in box for $45 locally. I don’t have a xbox360 but I figured I was in the market to place a order for some arcade parts and that would run like $45 on focus attack for a lever and some buttons. So instead I went with this used stick as it seems it had light use. There was a focus attack sticker on it and the previous owner took off the previous official art and ordered the plexiglass for custom art and I guess just never made any art.

Anyway the parts I messed up came from my Madcatz Alpha which is what the Sanwa Denshi parts mod was for. My mistake was I cut the buttons out fine and was going to put all the lesser quality parts back into the TE PRO stick. Since the buttons were hardwired in the Alpha they had globs of solder on the prongs and I couldn’t get them to fit into the terminals.

So what does my dumbass do? CUT off all the prongs to the buttons making them too short to fit back in their plugs. Now When I go to sell it I have to say they need new buttons. The wiring is fine. I just recently got a solder iron and all the gear and just realized right after I could of just desolder the the globs off the prongs. Now these were the cheap buttons from the Alpha I ruined at least. Nothing quality name brand. I will probably just replace it with some cheap ones on ebay so I can resell the stick locally as working and just inform them it had a part swap. Ill add some art for them with that plexi too.


You can sell as is on ebay. Most people end up modding them anyways you just gave them less to worry about lol.


You could solder your wires straight to what’s left of the plugs. Or if the knockoff buttons will take standard Japanese microswitches you could just put new SW-68 switches in, which would be an upgrade anyways.


Pro-tip for the Newbs: if you like blue buttons and want to mod your set-up with them? Never buy the Sanwa Dark blue. Damn things seriously look a shade or two away from purple. I didn’t want to buy the candy blue looking ones because i thought they’d be too bright, and wanted more of a deeper blue. I see now that would have been the better choice by far.

Whatever. I was tired of messing with my set-up and ready to finish things off. So i just installed the Dark Blue/Purple buttons and left it at that.


Yeah I wanted to get semitisu PS15 low profiles buttons or short throws so I wouldn’t have to bend the prongs on the Sanwa buttons to fit in the case. I didn’t want to spend more money and I also wanted to use all the same brand parts. So I just went with it.


What a dipshit :joy:


When is it gonna end with this kid? He’s crying over at the UFB thread about the prices and how his padhacks are god’s gift to mankind.

No one is asking for your inexperienced opinion. Padhacks are cool, most of us have done it…10 years ago, no problem doing it still, but do it and keep your trap shut, no need to go on bashing product you know nothing about.

La ignorancia es atrevida.


Someone’s mad they have a opinion on a product.


Have you ever even tried said product though?


No. I don’t plan on ever buying any brooks products.

The only way I could ever see myself trying a UFB is if the price goes less then half of what it is. I’d pay like $40 bucks. Around the same a padhack pcb would cost.

Otherwise I’d just padhack for a fraction of the cost. I don’t own a switch and never plan to get a xbox so why would I spend for universal features. Just to say I tried it and still don’t like it. I also don’t like that it needs firmware updates.

I was interested in the product when I first found out about brooks UFB. Then after enough research I decided it’s not for me.


Lmfao who the hell cuts anything off something they were planning to reuse. That’s not a noob mistake its a classic scrub move.
Why even complain about a product that doesn’t fit your needs and you don’t plan on using or buying? Don’t be another noob that runs around with opinions he read online and has no first hand experience. There’s already enough of those and we can tell one when we see one. I don’t think anyone cares about your opinion after reading your threads either way.

Also thread title should read “first lesson learned from a noob modder…” Your not teaching us common sense


You can’t reuse buttons from the Alpha stick without a desolder device… They are hardwired aka soldered. They have big blobs of solder on the terminal prongs that won’t fit quick disconnects with a blob of solder of them. Either A you need a desolder device or B whatever you swap them to you have to cut off the quick disconnects and resolder directly.

I cut them hoping they would fit the quick disconnects after. Its cheaper to replace cheap Chinese buttons. Though I do need to get a desolder device eventually for other projects… I mean I can order x10 30mm buttons on ebay for like $3.50 shipped. I didn’t cut them off of Sanwa or Hayabusa.


Desolder with braid. It soaks it up. That’s how you do it if you want to reuse them.
Costs acouple bucks and should be in your tool box if your doing any soldering/pcb work


Yeah I realize I will need one for soldering/pcb work. Luckily it wasn’t too expensive of a lesson.

Just a rookie mistake. Was just in a rush to swap them out so I can unload one of the sticks to recoup money. I kind of had it in my head too exactly how it would break down yet my dumbass didn’t cut one and test fit it, I cut all six buttons then tested fitted it and then was like yup dumbass.

The biggest lost is trying to selling it as is now devalued or waiting over a month for cheap replacement buttons from China.


And you’re going to do a pad hack compared to a simple solution when you cant desolder buttons from a board right? Lol jk. Just being mean :stuck_out_tongue:


I plan on using broken DS4 PCB for this very reason. I definitely wouldn’t padhack something that is working without some experience as that could be even more costly.

At the same time though you have to start somewhere to learn solder/PCB work.

Even if you do break a working PCB if you learn from the experience then not all is lost. Eventually you won’t need to buy high priced solderless kits. You can order a broken DS4 on the bay for like $10 bucks and salvage the PCB and have all the functions like touch pad and not need to update firmware either.

Even if it’s a working one If I get a dualshock 4 at the flea market or a yard sale for like $10 bucks that beats the almost $100 for a UFB. Which isn’t uncommon either. Someone is selling the red dualshock 4 brand new in box locally for $35.


The UFB has touch pad stuff built in bud. Like I said before the update thing is really not as bad as you are making it out to be. I think it’s pretty cool with the implementation of the retro board it just makes it a powerhouse of a combo.

I completely agree with the learning of soldering on a salvaged pcb or something like that. I use to do those little radio shack kits like the SUPER EAR.


Jay, I dont know if you play dumb on purpose or what. Why do you keep referencing the UFB when you are only talking about using a DS4 pad? UFB is a solderless for the most part board that lets you play on current and last gen systems. So that is why the price is high.
Brook makes a ps3/4/pc board. If your going to bitch and whine about ds4 hack prices vs brook board use the $40 and $50 prices instead.
Stop trying to make it sound like you are saving $70 by doing a ds4 hack LMFAO


They are made to begin with as solderless mods for people who don’t have those skills and tools.That’s basically what your paying for. The whole point of the Brooks UFB is its designed for the DIY weekend warrior. It’s like changing Sanwa buttons out and calling it a mod. I mean by definition maybe but in reality you snapped some pieces in like legos.

Even at $40 and $50 dollars you could have 3 dualshock 4 PCB’s for that price. I can buy broken dual shock 4 with the analogs chewed off by their dog for like $10 bucks and salvage the PCB. And on top of that have something official that doesn’t require updates.

I mean if that is the route you want to take then buy brooks accessories. Someone who knows how to solder can achieve the same features with a pad hack for a fraction of the cost.


Have you done any research on pad hacking a DS4? That’s an advanced pad hack.