First lesson from a noob modder in the making


You said somewhere else that you finished your MC TxSF Pro and even made a video. If it’s all done and your padhack was succesfull, why are you still talking about doing it?

Lying noob. You don’t have the skills to do this, bragging like you’re the real deal 'cause you’re planning on doing it the hard way is beyond stupid, it borders mental retardation.

Nothing wrong with padhacking at this day and age, do it, make it happen and STFU…but you can’t and there you sit in a bubble pretending to be something you’re not.


It feels like GD is spilling into tech talk.

Also pics or it never happened


LOL, I want to see you tri or quad mod your stick.


I have, there a whole thread with a worklog on the project. Its a chimp + Dreamcast PCB + Xbox 360 PCB inside of a Dreamcast stick. Plus it has a DB25 for Expansion.

Its a old thread and its burried deep.


Because you’re the all powerful sith lord!


Here the link

yes the images are broke because of Photobucket’s BS.

Inside case pic

How I wired the connector for the outgoing cable


Not you Dark your already established. Lol

Im talking about Jay.
Says hes got the skills and multiboards are for “weekend warriors” ppl that dont know how to mod


I offered a challenge for pics so I felt it was fair that put my money where my mouth is
Doing a Triple or a Quad mod is no more harder than doing a Dual mod, you just have another PCB in the chain.

Also just to show everyone we all gotta start somewhere, here is my first ever stick


Oh I also got some horrors that I then called sticks. I also used massive barrier strips and solid core wire…oh the good old days of discovery. We should have a thread for nostalgic first projects. I used to spend so much time on paper drafting button layouts, days before the internet and more so social media, were magical.

Shoeboxes, tupperware, speakers, tool boxes, oh I raped them all before I venture into woodcraft which was another fun curveball. Woodshop class skills were tested…



Lets Do it

The Pact is sealed, and the deal done


Man im pretty sure i lost all my older stuff due to photobucket
Ill have to check


Luckily I am a carpenter by trade too. I have done rough framing and roofing for almost 5 years.

I just don’t understand people who use shoe boxes. It’s really just a waste of money for all the other parts. You don’t even have to be good with wood working. You just need to be able to make a couple square cuts.

I will post pics mine of when I finish the art and plexi and the case is getting swapped out. It’s just wired is all atm. My case is even going to be custom made by me. Not a production used case. I listed the fightstick pro on ebay as I plan on making my own.

The only one I fully completed was the Madcatz Alpha. I did a full Sanwa and soldered everything.

I have a small block of Gabon Ebony wood that I want to try to incorporate into my stick. It’s only like 1.5 by 1.5 so not sure if I will be able too. I plan on even using nice wood I am going to source. It was originally cut to be used for knife handle projects.


Gee why would anyone use shoeboxes, cigar boxes, Tupperware and simple stuff like that? Sounds so unconventional, everyone should start with wood and saw because that’s just so handy for kids that never worked with wood before.

I used shoe boxes to draft layouts and practice on them, much easier to cut and faster to work with different layouts on card board than on wood. After a while yes the transfer to wood was pretty much mandatory.

Dude…everytime with you. There’s a genesis wireless pad thread “Oh I got 3 Original ones” What is it with the insecurity and trying to prove yourself, stop already. The other dude is autistic, now he’s got a jail free card, are you autistic as well? I’m asking sincerely.


If you have autism then it’s probably not as easy to cut square.

I also wouldn’t recommend kids doing these kinds of projects without help from a adult unless you want to be using a shoe box or piece of Tubberware. I would recommend just buying a production stick. For one if a kid is doinga mod I hope its solderless or they are mature enough to use a soldering iron.

To me if you end up having to use some ghetto rig box you might as well just pass.


Try hard troll


Lmao, your a weak freakin carpenter. This is the same dude that said the FS Pro is really heavy, it hurtz his lap!
Im dead!


Lol you’re the one trolling calling me a weak carpenter lol. My testicles are big. I need a wheelbarrow to tow them around. A stick that weighs 7-8 pounds is going to make me sterile.

Hey if you want to install a Sanwa JLF and OSBF Sanwa buttons in a shoe box then more power to you. I’ve seen my share of amateur builds online lol. I would say they are doing it backwards though.

I either recommend you focus on the case first whether making a custom or buying, or buying a production stick. The case is the hardest part if making a custom. A pad hack is just some basic soldering. With some research you don’t even need much prior soldering experience. I had none before aside from the recent Alpha mod… Even if its Brook UFB solderless kit all the parts are snap in. The case should be your main concern.
The skill and tools you have access too determines how your custom case will turn out. I have access to tools and lumber that not everyone will.


Ds4 padhack is not that hard but from the posts above it sounds like you aren’t ready to tackle this mod yet. Just a friendly word if advice if you attempt the ds4 padhack. Take your time and don’t be over confident.


You’re no carpenter, you’re barely a man and act like an even younger prima donna, maybe a reluctant apprentice…far maybe, I’ll barely believe that. Working roofs does not necessarily make one a carpenter.

You’ve said it yourself, you’re a noob. After all that has been said, simple stuff too, you still don’t understand but instead persist in making a fool of yourself.

I’ve tried before reasoning with your dumb ass but you’re really not worth it.


The dualshock 4’s pcb is faster than most of the arcade sticks that are out for ps4.

I just realized that too upon more research. Most arcade sticks have 6-8 MS lag. The DS4 comes in at like 1.83. Knowing this I am more motivated to finish it now.

I know most cases lag is very minimal till you think of something like evo moment 37 where the actual peripheral used matters too.

Anyway the padhack is fairly easy. You just have to run resistors to the ground for the trigger buttons. Other then that its wiring to a big PCB. My main problem is case and parts right now. I might work on it when I get my taxes. But its my next project. I am also debating turning the pad hack into a hitbox instead. So still thinking it over.