First lesson from a noob modder in the making


Are you talking about and official Dual Shock 4 or a Hori Fighting commander?


Hori Fighting commander is a easier pad hack project than the Dual Shock 4
Even those good at soldering wants to avoid the Dual Sock 4 whenever possible


Yeah definitely. I didnt know if he meant an ACTUAL DS4 or he was just talking about a HFC and was being mistaken.


I was talking about the DS4 official. The hori commander I don’t believe needs resistors for the triggers buttons making it a little easier. That and the USB cord is already soldered in for you.

I can get dualshock 4 way cheaper then a hori commander though. So I can afford the risk of ruining a PCB.


DS4 is a very, very hard mod.
Not much room to solder too.

You are better off with the hori


Can’t wait to hear about how you fucked up your DS4 PCB with your 2 days of soldering experience.


Reason we are all saying this is the tech wizards who pioneer DS4 pad hacking do not even like to do DS4 padhacking and they avoid it if possible.
Some now straight up refuse to work on DS4 padhacks as the mod is not easy.


I have to respectfully disagree with darksakul. The ds4 padhack is pretty straight foward you just have have a light touch. Not an easy mod for sure but very doable with the right resolve. I don’t really consider my soldering skills to be that great and i have 100 percent success rate on multiple versions of the ds4. My only fear is the OP seems very confident and doesn’t seem to have much experience or common sense.


Lmao hes already trying to flip the alpha


Its not that hard when there are online tutorials showing you what to do. I already have it wired up. Don’t have a case or parts to check it. Might be a few weeks before its done.


Correct me if im wrong. But aren’t you the guy who asked for help to make a daisy chain ?
Please post pics when you are done with the padhack since “not hard when there are tutorials online”. Some folks would love to see how it turns out.
Anyways. I gotta go. Found a step by step tutorial online, how to circumcise myself earlier today. Also seems easy enough. Going to attempt it now. Might be a few hours before im done.


Woooooo only 88 bucks!!! classy mod…


Ausomecrawl- Yeah , same dude that couldnt figure out a simple daisy chain with all the online tutorials. Had to make a post asking.

electricgrave- Yeah $88, it has Sanwa QD’s and not one item pic has the awesome sanwa qds connected to the buttons to show that it is a complete mod. LOL
Dude even fails on Ebay

Jay- why do you need parts/case to test your padhack when you can do it for $0? I know how you like to talk about saving on doing things yourself