First Local Experience


I’ll most likely be going to a small event in Munich on the 30th, and I’m honestly really nervous about playing people locally. I’ve never done so before.
I don’t think that they’ll have a tournament for USF4 this time, so it will just be normal matches without a specific format, yet still I feel disencouraged because I’ll be playing really good players, and I can’t provide a good enough challenge.
Obviously my expectations are too high, but I just don’t know how to approach this situation, mentally that is. (surely I will practice my butt off for this opportunity).

Maybe it’s just like having to hold a presentation in school. The stress starts to soften as soon as you get past that first moment.
What do you guys think?


Don’t worry about it. You are going to get your butt kicked real bad, but be a good sport. Shoot the breeze with people and just chill. Don’t get too salty and realize you are there for a good time and things can’t go to bad. Good luck man.


Take it as a learning experience…see how well you gauge against the best local players.

It’s not the end of the world if you go 0-2…it wouldn’t hurt to ask anyone who saw the match or even your opponent for some critique.

Get some casuals going before the tournament.

It’s an opportunity to learn the offline side of the fighting game community…and to possibly make new friends who enjoy fighting games as well.


yea, that’s one of the big reasons why I struggle online. I don’t get any feedback on my losses.
Guess all I can do is practice and study, and hope for the best.


I suggest facing real problems in life. After that, you will realize a tournament is just a game.


If you are a newer player and are concerned about your skill level, don’t be afraid to tell people before you play. Many players have side characters that they can use to even the playing field a bit, and if you are clear up front that you are open to criticism you are much more likely to get useful feedback. Some people don’t respond well to criticism of any kind, so a lot of players might default to not giving advice at all unless prompted.

Be proactive and ask your opponent for advice after a match if you really want it, and don’t worry too much about being bad. Everyone has to start somewhere, and helping new players (or at least giving them the courtesy of playing some games) is the responsibility of all experienced players, the community will not survive otherwise.


I know that I don’t play well when I don’t get feedback, so as long as they are not flat-out rude, I am very open to criticism.
Coming from a speedrunning background, I know that getting help is the best thing that can happen to your play.
I’ll make sure to ask them after matches.

I really hope there’s a Zangief player there. It’s pretty bad for Cammy, but I’ve never played a good Zangief before. I wanna get a better grasp of the match-up.
Can’t just sit there and practice all my good match-ups ;D
Let’s hope for the best.


What do real problems in life have to do with being nervous at his first tournament? I don’t see any relation. Probably because there isn’t one.


Alright, played in my first tournament this Saturday. Couldn’t take a single round.
The players did give me good advice though and I realized a lot of mistakes in my game on my own.
They gave me character recommendations too, I didn’t even consider Vega before.
Being able to get instant feedback really helps me a lot.

I also got to play on an arcade stick for the 1st time on Sunday. Surprisingly it feels a lot less weird than I expected.
I played Guilty Gear for the 1st time aswell, didn’t expect to enjoy that game, considering I didn’t like other games in the “air-dasher” genre.


I can’t stress the benefit of long sets against better players than you enough. It’s the quickest way to get better IMO. Doing so offline is especially good, because you cram more into each session and communicating isn’t a hassle. And it’s FUN! And you make friends!


I was too shy to ask for more matches to be honest ;_;
I didn’t want to bother anyone, since it was my first time being there.


Can’t be a shy lil mouse at off line events man. You got dressed and took the time to go out there. Might as well get the most out of it. Ask questions, ask for matches, ask for advice. Get the most out of your time there and get to know people.


I was just too afraid of being “that guy”.
I’ll try to be more confident next time.


There are folks who like to teach, and see you asking them on how to get better as a compliment in their own game.

Keep throwing yourself out there and good luck.


I can understand the feeling. I hung out in the detroit scene for a couple of years and never got over the fear of asking good players to play me, so I started throwing weekly tournaments and alway put myself up against the best players in the bracket:)


Yeah, that nervousness is universal man. I was like that when I went to my first local tourney for SF 4 a few years back. I was so terribly nervous that my mind blanked out and I ended up picking characters other than my main for no reason. I won my first match but got blew up terribly my second and third.

After that I watched my friends play and saw how they looked. They looked like they were just playing the game like nothing was different. I realized then that it’s all how you perceive those local experiences. I try not to even think of tourneys as tourneys now, moreso a time to test my skills against other players that I can actually interact with during and after the match win or lose.

I plan to go to Final Round in Atlanta, GA this weekend and I KNOW I’m gonna get blown up, but I’ll do my best and learn from it. It’s all about connections at local events, I think.