First Look At EA's Marvel Fighter Tonight On Game Head

Game Head is on Spike TV at 1 Am est.

I will be sure to keep my expectations low.

Oh, c’mon, there is still a POSBILITY of the game being good. :lol: Optimism people.

Maybe EA Chicago could take their Icon concept a step further and place the characters WITHIN a comic book, and have that affect gameplay somehow. Like if a character does moves that take up a certain amount of panels it does more damage or some shit…there are some interesting ideas you could do with that concept. And feel free, you can use that free of charge EA.

Same team that makes Def Jam?

It’s gonna be garbage.

Captain America and Juggernaut naw man that already happened in MVC2. Bring out Squirrel Girl and Howard the Duck! If they put some super obscure Marvel heads in it I’ll be interested. Spider-Ham oh yeah make it happen. :nunchuck:

its EA

i dont expect much
or anything good at all

Marvel Nemesis was dogcrap, it had potential but fell flat on its face. So i could care less about E.A’s latest “effort” with the marvel license if its anything remotely like that.

Why so late/early?

That’s like not playing ST because WW was bad.

Yeah but the less expectations one has, the less likely they are to be disappointed.

EA should stop making games.

Oh, I know. I don’t have high expectations. But anything is possible. The game could shock us all. ( I don’t expect a terribly deep game. I didn’t from nemesis, but game could at least have some kind of fun factor)

Can’t say I’m hyped.

Got Dat Mike Vick?

lol it’s marvel nemesis…wow. Looks like capcom is the only company that can make a good marvel game

This game definitely’s headed down a doomed finished product!:sad::confused:

Skate and Army of Two disagree with you…

Why so much hate on marvel nemesis? sure the story mode was complete shit and from a tier-wise standpoint it was nearly as broken as svc chaos and gameplay wise it was barely 2steps above that horrid game however as a “casual fighting game” it had more depth then u would think and it was hella fun on xbl and almost never lagged.

LOL the funny thing is even in this game magneto is broken as hell and by far the most overpowered/cheap godtier character:rofl:

If any of yall are going to evo2k8 i will money match anyone in it cuz being ranked 1 on xbl n having a 1200-300 record counts for something right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Am i the only one looking forward to this game and hoping it’l be at least half decent and playable?

For anyone that missed the show It is now up on Gametrailers.