First look at Pixar's Brave

First off, please let’s not talk about Cars 2, do that in the Movies thread at least please.
Secondly, this movie will be released in 2012 (I think the preceding short is titled La Luna)

The movie will be based on Scottish folklore, and reading the description it might be one of their darker movies-

Either way this looks very promising and I wouldn’t be surprised if they used what Disney used to make the hair work in Tangled.

That’s some Studio Ghibli lookin shit right there. I am excited.

Her hair is a fucking masterpiece.

Yeah… I’m hyped. I’m a huge Disney/Pixar fanboy so I’ll be seeing this day one.

FEMALE LEAD FTW! Please do not let her be a cliche’. :tup:

Booyah gramma. I’m seeing this mad hype dynamite ranch.

Damn, the whole atmosphere and art direction seems like a big depature from the usual Pixar formula(a formula, Cars 1/2 aside, is always brilliant, mind).

Consider me hyped.

This looks pretty wild to me. Will definitely check this out.

Guy directing is Brad Bird’s right hand man.

That means it will be one of hte best pixar movies.

For the record, Merida will be voiced by Kelly MacDonald who is Scottish.

First Disney movie I’m looking forward to since Tarzan and first Pixar movie since Toy Story.

My body is ready.

Looks awesoooooooooooome.

looks awesome. looking forward to it.