First Look - SFIV #1 comic book

Hey gang,

Thought everyone who is excited for SFIV would want to have look at the first interior pages shown from SFIV #1, the first issue in UDON’s new comics series. Have look over at our website:

What’s everybody think? :slight_smile:

Whoever Viper is fighting in that second page reminds me of Bulk and Skull from Power Rangers.

So from that alone, this shit looks tight.

And the cover. I haven’t been keeping up with the story, but yeah. Charlie and Abel on there. Or is that just…whatevers?

that is Charlie…Covers are definitely story related :wink:

It’s nice to see Viper’s got her jugs back :). The drawings look wonderful.

How’s the release schedule for the upcoming additions to the SFIV series?

Excellent. Definitely getting this.
SFIV on the 17th and then the comic on the 18th. Awesome.

Indeed. Busty Viper is looking hot.

So who’s the guy in the fatigues on the cover with Charlie?

Snaps, Birdie making a come back! Thanks for the heads up Matt, you know I’ll be all over this. Looking prety solid.

This was a 1 shot series of 4 issues correct?

There happens to be a comic book forum. SF4 or not, this thread belongs there.

Thanks for the preview. I’ll be buying all of the SF comics that have content from IV and III!

The artwork looks great man can’t wait! Joe NG is killing it. :tup:

Odd but alright heh.

Matt Moylan… same guy who does the LilFormers comic? (which I really like, btw)

Also, yeah, this looks great. I’ll be picking it up.

Viper looking badass, i likes it.

Does Udon do Subscriptions? I normally live outside the US and I would love to keep up with the books.

I’m going to guess and say Abel’s “father”.