First look @ T.Hawk

This char is really cool.

jab 360 has really good reach, I think it’s better than Gief’s.
He loses crossup from st, but get a decent jump in that doesn’t suck outside of jump jab.
Jump Jab is still decent for a jump in, it misses most crouchers it seems.
I could not combo off lights into moves that I remember (I think he could do ex horizontal dive).
His pokes are still really strong.
His intro owns, he literally flies into the match.
He can link close into st.jab for a tick or whatever.
Sweep is really fast.

I don’t remember what else if you guys have questions ask.

dont trust miz he is a troll…

Don’t trust henaki he is a troll…

i trust both of them

I’ve read somewhere that U2 is realllly hard to land and is useless ( I think from Wiz).

I’ve also just read from Ken Bogard that it’s one of the best ultras in the game and will make everyone not even attempt a jump-in.

Care to elaborate?

I messed with like u2 for a couple minutes, and got really annoyed with it. I honestly have no idea how well it is. I think u1 will be better for most matchups, it’s consistent damage that he can land, imo very easily, while U2 will just kinda make them scared to jump, but he already has a good AA.

Something I wanna say is I think what will work for T.Hawk is that when you go for a tick setup, if they anticipate it you can dp their jump out instead. I’ve grabbed TONS of shit with 360 in the middle of their moves. But I want to restate the person I did play didn’t know the game that well.

He also has EX dp into ex dive which sucks and ex horizontal dive into ex dp which sucks too lol. I really wish he at least had jabs into dp, at the time I don’t think he has a bnb…

From what they said here=>

I guess that his U2 will be similar to Rose U1.
Good anti air but while the opponent is at his/her highest frame of jump in the air.(Forward or backward)

Yeah, I wish I had more time with the game to figure shit out and a person that was better than me to help me figure stuff out.

I just watched a video from the video thread, and I saw a jump attack (looks like Giefs body splash) > kick > EX DP > EX Dive and it all comboed, although it was a counter hit. Also I saw the Gief body splash looking attack cross up Cody on wake up.

Sorry for not knowing the names of his moves. I just thought I’d mention it since you mentioned that he can’t combo anything into his DP attack, but you can on combo hit.

Doesn’t really matter though, we’ll find everything out when the game comes out.

No actually he can combo the dp move in many combos since the Super Street Fighter.
We just said that he hasn’t the same FADC to his dp like other characters (only to EX Condor Dive) and he can’t cancel it to do something else.
Actually there are more new combos now like EX Condor Spire->EX Tomahawk->EX Condor Dive that can be connected.
But thank you man anyway…

I was talking about this, cancelling into Tomahawk Buster. I saw a LK or cr. LK combo into his EX Tomahawk Buster, but it was on counter hit. Not sure if he can do this without counter hit though, because people who tried said you couldn’t.

Maybe it could be useful if you fish for counter hits and buffer DP? idk just throwing it out there.

I dont know why exactly, but In all the PAX videos, T-Hawk just crushes all his opponents, and there were more then one people playing against him, and different chars, so it was not match up based. Im hesitant to say that he just has awesome normals and a sick 360.

Or maybe that’s all he needs to win?

^^Man you have right.
But if you remember the same happened with Zangief in SFIV.
At the beginning of SFIV every player who played with Zangief has won almost every match.
Because of his stamina and the abuse of Lariat.
So now its the same with T.Hawk.
Also if you see almost every video with Hawk the opponents doesn’t punish his oves effectively because a)they don’t know yet with which move can punish them and how to punish them and b)so far most of the videos are noob playing except of those with Justin Wong.
So we can’t see right now what is really going on.
Yes (fortunately) T.Hawk has a lot of great stuff.
But he has some weaknesses too.
So if we don’t see an advanced level play we can’t predict how powerfull or how weak T.Hawk is.
The same goes with Dudley (because many people said that he is broken).We don’t know this either.

Realistically I’m just looking for a short hit-confirm into anything. If cr. jab, st. jab xx DP works, I’ll be happy. If he can confirm into Condor Spire though, I’ll be ecstatic. I think his normal Spires will be too slow to combo off light attacks, but EX Spire just might be fast enough, like Gief’s EX Green Hand. I can’t wait to discover his BnBs.