First MAJOR - Zeus the God - nerf Claw omg OP




Wouldn’t surprise me if it were to happen honestly.


**It just happened, **what are you on about.

Zeus won Defend The North with Vega a couple of hours ago! Took the title ahead of Chris G, KBrad, NuckleDu, Smug, Dieminion, among others!

Vega won bro

Where were you???


was referring to the “Nerf Claw” bit.


Vega too stronk


“Zeus believes Vega is the best character in the game, and Vega’s matchups are 5-5 at worst”. Vega confirmed top tier.


Vega-Cammy , Vega-Rufus, and Vega-Seth are borderline masochism imo


Claw - Seth is kinda fine.
Claw - Cammy is just 6-4 in her favor.
Claw - Rufus is bullshit. So is Claw-Abel.

I’ve never heard him saying that. So I really doubt it that he actually thinks that the matchup versus, lets say, Abel is even.
If he ever said that, it was probably a joke or something.


Claw- Yun —6/4 Yun’s favor
Claw- Akuma----6/4 Akuma’s favor, 7/3 when Vega knocked down
Claw- Vega----10/0 Vega’s favor

Claw needs to be buff


I would have loved it even more if Zeus ended the game with a super. He had full bars for it, and Kbrad was dizzy…wouldve been a perfect ending for Vega’s first major!


Don’t think Akuma is an unfavorable matchup, really.


It most likely was.


Rufus and Abel are Claws horrible matches :frowning:


Zeus so 'god’like :stuck_out_tongue:


i heard from our top yun player that kazunoko believes claw-yun is 7-3 vega…the top players have such a different mindset


I don’t think it’s quite that bad, but I do think Claw beats Yun.


I like it, though I don’t play Vega.
Zeus even killed Cammy 8 times in a row, my hero. :x


wow… i’ve watched the grand finals! Zeus dominated!

Now I’m watching the whole major in the archives, and now it’s nuckledu vs zeus. Dear lord, this man is a beast


Lol @ Vega Rufus. I hate fighting Rufus as Bison, and it’s not even that bad. When I used Vega I was like “Wtf? This is suicide”.

Bison has pretty bad AA’s, but he can still AA him. He’s also got the escape options. Vega’s size, combined with poor wakeup options, and lack of AA. Dear God… I am having fun again with my old secondary though (until I go online, then 1 frame links = impossible).


Grats to Zeus, but man do I get tired of hearing things like “Vega doesn’t actually need any buffs because Zeus” and “Zeus doesn’t think Vega has ANY bad matchups so he doesn’t need anti-airs” and “Vega is actually top tier because Zeus you just have to get better”. And it’ll only get worse after this tournament. Mad respect to the dude, possibly THE BEST Vega, but I don’t think Zeus would do so well if he had to fight Ricky and Justin’s Rufus.